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PS5 Stock Shortage Amplified By US Government’s ‘Trade War’

Global politics may have contributed to the PS5 stock shortage following fallout from the Republican Party’s ‘Trade War.’

Sony has confirmed that while COVID-19 stood in the way of PS5 production it wasn't the only thing that did. The tension between former President's government and the international trade community has also contributed to the shortage.

Trade deals between nations are essential when it comes to production. And the shipping of the console component that go into them. According to Sony, the PS5 stock issues have been impacted by a disruption to this.

Namely, a shortage of the semiconductor chips that they need to produce each console. The ‘Trade War’ initiated by the Republican Party on some nations in Asia has resulted in Sony failing to secure enough of them.

While the former US government had their reasons for initiating the ‘Trade War,’ it’s caused difficulty to American consumers too. And foreign companies that also operate in the United States.

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How Can PS5 Stock Be Improved?

Since a new occupant entered the White House, an executive order is coming to fix this shortage. One which has also impacted America’s motor trade, among others.

The executive order aims to end the ‘Trade War’ and to; “undertake a comprehensive review of supply chains for critical goods." This was according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki earlier this week.

Psaki also said, "The review will be focused on identifying the immediate actions we can take from improving the physical production of those items in the US to working with allies to develop a coordinated response."

It’s hoped that the executive order will restore certain supply chains, allowing more PS5s to enter production and ship where they need to.

While matters like this would typically go through The House of Representatives and The Senate before becoming law, an executive order is faster. Therefore, the PS5 stock shortage should hopefully come to an end sooner.

The US government isn’t the only one looking to help fix the PS5 and Xbox Series X shortages. The UK government has also taken steps to battle the threat of scalpers.

Speaking of scalpers, some have tried to defend their bad reputation. Although to many gamers, these comments simply don’t wash.

If you’re still trying to secure a PS5, be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for up-to-date information about the latest drops as they go live!

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