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PS5 SSD Available Storage Seemingly Confirmed

The PS5 SSD memory capacity has been the subject of much speculation over the past few weeks. As games become larger and more reliant on data installs to run smoothly, consoles need an increasing amount of hard drive space to accommodate them.

The problem is this can only go so far. The PS5 is already a rather large machine, and making it bigger to house a heftier SSD just isn’t viable.

This is even more concerning for those who purchase the digital-only PS5.

However, the good news is that the PS5 will have other options available to expand its storage capabilities. The console will be compatible with external devices, enabling players to essentially store as much as they need.

Many players will probably end up using this service. As the recent PS5 User Experience video seemingly corroborates the PS5 SSD memory rumors.

PS5 SSD Memory Revealed?

The video gave us a breakdown of the PS5’s menu systems. This is important because the PS5 UI shown off here matched a leaked image of the PS5’s SSD memory capacity.

PS5 SSD Memory Seemingly Confirmed

That image showed that the console had an available storage of 664GB.

This falls in line with the suggestion that the PS5 has 825GB SSD space. With 20% of it is reserved, leaving 664GB available to the player.

Of course, until Sony officially confirms this, we must stress that this is speculation. But the numbers add up.

We do now know that the leaked image was indeed an accurate reflection of the PS5’s UI.

The leaked image may be from a PS5 dev kit and not a final model PS5. This means changes could have been made to the models that will ship on the 12th and 19th of November.

Take a look at the expected file size of PS5 launch titles here, as well as other PS5 storage rumors.


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