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Will there be a PS5 Slim Version? Everything we know so far

Will a PS5 Slim be released? How much will it cost? Everything we know about the PS5’s thin and elusive counterpart.

It’s still early days for the revolutionary PS5, but fans are already voicing their predictions for a PS5 Slim version.

While a slimline remodel has yet to be announced, many took to Twitter to express their anticipation for its release. And who can blame them? The possibility of a PS5 Slim resolves the PS5’s most notorious drawback: its monstrous size.

So when can we expect a PS5 experience that will actually fit in our TV units, and will it break the bank doing so?

PS5 Slim Release Date

Sony has yet to announce even the development of a PS5 Slim, but the likelihood of its future release is almost definite. All four of its predecessors had slimified redesigns.

The PS2 had its later-released Slimline model, the PS4 had the PS4 Slim, and the PS3 had not one, but two slim remodels, the PS3 Slim and the PS3 Super Slim! Even the original Playstation was shrunken down and re-released as the itty-bitty PS One.

By this logic, a PS5 Slim is inevitable – it’s merely a question of when we will see it for ourselves.

Given the previous interludes between releases, we can predict that a PS5 Slim (likely alongside a PS5 Pro) will be available for purchase around 2023.

PS5 Slim Appearance

Other than the obvious reduction in size, the overall design of the PS5 Slim is unknown. Its appearance lives only in our imaginations, but that doesn’t stop fans from uncovering the possibilities.

Graphic designer Kevin Tan, for example, gave his rendition of the PS5 Slim as a portable console with a sleek, touchscreen interface.

Touchscreen PS5 slim concept designed by Kevin Tan

Another fan-favorite design concept was created by Jermaine Smit, aka Content Creator. He teamed up with Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital to showcase his seamless 3D model in a trailer-length YouTube video.

With a flatter base and a compact shape, Smit provides insight into the more practical potential of a PS5 Slim. The idea of a model that could be slotted neatly into a TV cabinet is enlightening to say the least!

While fan interpretations can only skim the surface of what Sony truly has in store, they provide hope that one day, the immense power of the PS5 can finally be compacted into something a little bit smaller.

Don't want to wait for the Slim? Here's our advice on setting up the PS5 in the best way to accommodate its enormous size.

PS5 Slim Price

Now to delve into the age-old question that bewilders consumers and developers alike: does smaller mean cheaper?

Well, given the history of previous Playstation Slims - yes, it does. Where the standard PS4 was $399 on release, the PS4 Slim was only $299 in comparison, making Slim buyers a whole $100 richer than those who favored the bulkier original.

With the possibility of a cheaper model on the horizon, it’s no surprise that some fans would rather bide their time before they make a trip to GameStop. 

The two to three year wait begins!

Although the PS5 Slim is highly anticipated, it’s going to be a little while before we see it on store shelves.

In the meantime, let’s head on back to our favorite live PS5 stock tracker to see if we can finally snag the original model after constant sell-outs. Here's a list of everywhere that's restocking the PS5 this month.

If you're reading from the US, you can check out our US PS5 stock tracker here. For our UK readers, we also have a UK stock tracker.

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