A new PS5 Slim unboxing video shows just how much smaller the new console is, with a side-by-side comparison against its older model.

The PS5 Slim is finally launching later this month, with many gamers waiting to see if the new device is worth their hard-earned cash.

The newer device isn’t actually called the PS5 ‘Slim,’ despite the internet’s adoption of the term, it is simply called the PS5. And with no additional power to offer, the console’s only real upgrade is its 1TB SSD (compared to the original’s 825 GB).

But seeing the PS5 Slim next to the original PS5, the main appeal of the new design is pretty immediately noticeable.

Smaller, Lighter, But Is It Better?

In a new unboxing by tech YouTuber Dave2D, we can see a direct side-by-side of the PS5 Slim vs original PS5.

Side By Side PS5 Slim vs Original PS5


As shown above, there’s a substantial difference between the two consoles, which amounts to a reduction of around 30% of the launch model’s total volume.

PS5 (Original)PS5 ‘Slim’
Digital 390mm x 92mm x 260mm358mm × 80mm × 216mm
Disc390mm x 104mm x 260mm358mm × 96mm × 216mm

That’s certainly significant, particularly for those gamers who were struggling to house their console in home entertainment units or on their desks.


According to Dave, the first thing he noticed about the PS5 redesign was “how much lighter it was.”

That’s because the weight difference is substantial, particularly when it comes to the new digital variant of the PS5 Slim:

PS5 (Original)PS5 ‘Slim’
Digital 3.9 kg2.6 kg
Disc4.5 kg3.2 kg

Incidentally, Dave also shows off the new PS5 Slim Disc drive, which can be installed without tools just by removing the device’s lower panel and popping it in place.

Disc drives will now be sold separately for $79.99, allowing players to add the ability to play physical media to their console.

PS5 Slim vs Original PS5 size comparison

Also notable is the fact that only a horizontal stand is included with the newer PS5 model, and vertical stands will now be sold separately for $29.99.

Overall Impressions

Although the PS5 ‘Slim’ console is slimmer, lighter, and contains additional storage, Dave2D actually takes issue with the new design.

“I don’t like the fact that it’s a two-toned like material, like the top is this glossy finish but then the bottom is that matte finish…” Dave reports. “I don’t know, it just looks a little bit cheaper to me.”

We’ve got a full comparison of the PS5 vs PS5 Slim for anyone who is still on the fence about picking up the newer model.

PS5 Slim Glossy Finish
The top panels of the PS5 Slim are now glossy, which can look a little strange.

One interesting difference discovered during the YouTuber’s breakdown is that the new PS5 contains fewer chips, which could mean that it’s cheaper to produce than the OG model.

Those savings aren’t being passed onto the consumer however, as the PS5 Slim still retails for the same $499.99 as the original Disc model – and a more expensive $449.99 (up from $399.99) Digital model.

The upgraded price is presumably due to the fact that you are no longer locked to just digital purchases forever, thanks to the Disc drive being sold seperately..

Thanks to Dave2D for finally giving us a clear look at the PS5 Slim and the original PS5 side-by-side. Check out the YouTuber’s full video below:

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