It seems that our first look at the new PS5 Slim could have arrived, courtesy of a new image making the rounds online.

Despite it not feeling that way, it’s already been almost 3 years since the launch of the PS5. And at this point in a console’s lifecycle, developers always seem to want to put out a ‘Slim’ version, reducing the space the device takes up beside your TV.

The PS5 ‘Slim’ has been long-rumored, if only because the console itself is so enormous. And now, it looks as though we may have an idea of what the device will look like.

First Footage & Image of PS5 Slim Leaks Online

The first footage of the new PS5 Slim has allegedly leaked online, revealing what could be an early look at Sony’s new hardware.

An image of the console has also been leaked and although it doesn’t reveal the entirety of the console, it does show enough for us to get an idea of what to expect.

In the leaked footage and picture, posted to online forum A9VG, we see what looks to be a shorter PS5, with smaller side plates. What’s more, a black slit in the middle of both plates adds a distinctive new design, though what purpose it could serve remains to be seen.

Twitter user BwE_Dev, who claims to have a video of the new console, reports that the PS5 Slim is around 5cm shorter than the base console. What’s more, there is now allegedly a Dual USB-C on the front of the console, and each of the iconic PlayStation controller symbols embossed on the device’s rear.

The user, who was able to describe the PS5 Slim prior to this image leaking, also mentions being disappointed with the new release, claiming that the device is ‘definitely not slim’ and will be hard to justify for Sony.

Previous leaks from Insider Gaming suggest that the ‘Slim’ will simply be a PS5 with a detachable disc drive, and the recent PS5 Disc Edition discount does appear to support that statement.

However, BwE confirms that the device they’ve seen ‘definitely has a disc drive,’ despite a slimmer design.

If this PS5 Slim image and footage is indeed real, then we’re looking forward to getting a better look at it and its new pricing scheme. But so far, the device certainly looks closer to a knock-off PS5 than an upgrade on the existing console.

As always, be sure to take unconfirmed leaks such as this image with a heavy pinch of salt! Until Sony confirms anything, it could easily be a fake fan mock-up.

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