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The PS5 Size In Scale Comparison With Other Consoles – Shows How Large It Really Is

The PS5’s size has been a talking point since the console’s design was unveiled. We knew the PS5 was going to be big, but that we never thought it would be in that way!

To put it bluntly; the PS5 is an absolute unit. And we kind of love it for it. Sony certainly are making a statement.

The console is 15.4 inches tall, 10.24 inches deep and 4.09 inches wide. Meaning it wins the award for largest modern games console of all time.

Even compared to the also rather large Xbox Series X, the PS5 towers above its rival. Although whether it will in the ‘console war’ remains to be seen.

Yet the console still looks sleek and stylish, making its true scale rather deceptive. Even the slim model features similar dimensions, unlike the Xbox Series S which is considerably smaller than the Series X.

Putting The PS5 Size Into Perspective

How to accommodate the PS5’s size is likely something many gamers are already considering. It may require some of us to re-think our current set-up in order to house the tall/long machine.

Japanese illustrator Keisawada however has created some unique designs showing the PS5 (to scale) alongside other consoles and objects.

The drawings give us nice window into what our living rooms will soon look like, specifically how the PS5 could be positioned.

But most interestingly, the drawings put into perspective quite how big Sony’s behemoth actually is. The PS5’s size can be seen compared to its competitors the Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

We imagine many gamers living room set-ups will end up looking like some of these designs. So it’s helpful to be given this little window into the near future.

More than anything though, it makes us look forward to the PS5 release dates of the 12th and 19th of November all the more.