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PS5 Scalpers Used Loophole to Target Major UK Retailer

UK retailer Argos was aware of the PS5 scalper threat ahead of time but may have acted too late to stop it.

The last PS5 restock for UK retailer Argos had mixed results. Lots of people were finally able to successfully secure a PS5 console. But sadly, some scalpers used a loophole to seize a significant amount of them.

Before Argos released their stock, an employee leaked that the retailer had become aware of the PS5 scalper threat. They were even aware that the scalpers were using a loophole to beat the system.

The Argos leaker suggested that the PS5 restock might be delayed, but it ultimately went ahead anyway. It appears the scalpers caught Argos unaware by using the loophole, at least at first.

While the retailer eventually noticed the scalper loophole the night before, they still decided to release the stock the next day. This makes us wonder, could certain bulk orders not have been canceled once the issue was discovered?

We’ve reached out to Argos for comment and will make you aware should they respond. Mainly because we feel like this is an important question that needs answering – otherwise, this situation could happen again.

We know retailers are committed to fighting scalpers, but we believe they need to do more to combat them. This situation could have been avoided, or at least mitigated if Argos had looked at their orders in more detail.

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How Did PS5 Scalpers Use a Loophole Against Argos?

After investigating what the scalpers did, we can report they used a loophole in their premium Discord server. This allowed them to purchase PS5s from Argos a day early, before the stock was made available to the general public.

This is how the scalpers were able to secure a large quantity of PS5 consoles and why Argos was able to discover what they had done. Of course, they decided to release the stock anyway, instead of delaying it or cancel the suspicious orders.

As frustrating as this latest story is, those still hoping to secure a PS5 console will be happy to know that consumers are winning the war against scalpers.

As we reported yesterday, the increasing stock is the key to ending the scalper threat. So don’t lose hope; more stock is coming. Soon we won’t even remember that there was a shortage.

We also expect that scalpers will have an abundance of stock, which they then won’t be able to sell. At least not for the ridiculously inflated prices they usually do.

Remember scalpers tend to avoid bundles, so consider those when looking for next-gen stock. Sony expects to ship 18 million PS5 consoles in 2021.

The best place to keep updated with all of the PS5 stock drops is our UK PS5 Stock Tracker. It'll let you know when the PS5 goes on sale at all of the major UK retailers.

Alternatively, readers in America can use the US PS5 Stock Tracker to see all of the stateside PS5 restocks.

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