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PS5 Scalper Group Claims to Have Secured 3000 Consoles in Walmart Restock

This PS5 scalper group claims to have secured over 3000 consoles in the recent Walmart restock.

If you were wondering whether or not scalping is still playing a major part in the PS5 stock shortage, wonder no longer. After all, with millions of users still looking for their next-gen console, there’s nowhere near enough to go around.

But what makes the supply issues worse is the sheer number of devices that go to PS5 scalpers. And this PS5 scalper group claims to be one of the biggest threats to the average consumer yet.

As we predicted, Walmart did indeed have a major PS5 restock this week. And if you don’t want to miss out, here are all the other PS5 drops this week has to offer!

(Source: Sony)

Recently, we learned that the PS5 is outselling the Xbox Series X/S with double the sales of Microsoft’s console. But how many of those sales actually went to scalpers?

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PS5 Scalpers Claim 3000 Consoles in Walmart May 20 Restock

According to one PS5 scalper group, 11 members of the team were able to bag 3000 consoles in the recent Walmart restock.

With Walmart and other retailers still selling the majority of consoles online, the sites are easy prey for scalper bots. That’s why we’re thankful that this retailer is now selling PS5 stock in-stores!

“Today’s restock for the PS5’s was limited, but that did not stop our users from taking stock with only a few users!”, scalper group Trickle claims. “With only 11 running users, we were able to successfully check out over 3000 consoles!”

But how true is the group’s claim? We wouldn’t imagine that the scalpers have actually secured as many consoles as they report.

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trickle ps5 scalpers 3000 consoles
(Source: Trickle)

Although one commenter appears to showcase a number of successful purchases, there’s little evidence to suggest that the scalpers were able to get 3000 PS5s. It’s more than likely that the group is exaggerating in order to attract more attention and members.

Recently, Target made huge changes to its upcoming PS5 restocks. Since the beginning, the major retailer has been one of the most reliable places to find a PS5, and it seems that won’t be changing anytime soon!

Still looking for a next-gen console? Our PS5 restock trackers will help give you lightning-fast updates when new devices go live!

Meanwhile, Sony Boss Jim Ryan claims that PS5 stock shortages will be over soon. It looks as though the company is focussing all its efforts on getting devices into the hands of gamers everywhere.

And when supply begins to meet the console’s incredible demand, scalpers will become irrelevant. In the meantime, here’s a way to beat PS5 scalpers and find your next-gen console!

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