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This PS5 Scalper Group Is the Reason 3500 Gamers Don’t Have a Next-Gen Console

Resellers have always been an issue with major releases, but they’re more annoying than ever this Holiday season. After all, this scalper group is the reason that 3500 gamers are still missing their PS5.

Whenever a popular new product is set to have more demand than it does stock, there will always be those people who snatch it up with the hopes of making a quick buck. The PlayStation 5 launch has been no exception, and PS5s are already available on eBay for those willing to pay hundreds more than the device’s regular cost.

These resellers (or scalpers) aim to take advantage of desperate gamers, as well as parents who want to fulfill their child’s Christmas wish. While hundreds of individuals buy consoles just to prey on impatient users, there are also more established organizations.

(Source: PlayStation)

One such group has acquired almost 3500 PS5s in total, keeping them out of the hands of gamers worldwide.

PS5 Scalper Group Acquires Over 3500 Next-Gen Consoles

According to a new report from Business Insider, one Discord-based organization has almost 3500 PS5 consoles between them. The scalper group has thousands of members, each attempting to buy up PS5 consoles whenever they’re available.

This group is based in the UK, and it’s far from the only collection of scalpers out there. According to a manager at reseller organization CrepChiefNotify, the company has 2,472 consoles across all members, on top of just under 1,000 PS5s pre-ordered in September.

(Source: CrepChiefNotify)

The site is made up of resellers, each charged a subscription fee of £29.99 (~$40) a month. For that price, users get access to services that tell them when and where to purchase products that are selling out fast.

In this case, the group’s site monitoring software tells users exactly where to find a PS5 before other consumers. Once bought, the users then are given the resources to flip that product for tremendous profit and keep the difference.

Right now, resellers are charging around $1,100 for a base PS5 or $900 for the Digital Edition. And if you’re not prepared to pay those prices, you’re out of luck for now.

The scalper group also offers guidance on how to use bots to instantly snap up products before others get a chance. However, a manager at the site states the vast majority of resellers are simply buying devices manually.

Those that do make use of bots though, are buying up dozens of PlayStation 5s already.

Resist Giving Money to Scalpers, More Stock Is Coming

Although many of these scalpers will probably make a profit this year, consumers should resist the urge to buy. After all, more PS5 stock is already on the way.

According to PlayStation, more PS5 stock is coming this year, giving all gamers another shot at the consoles. Of course, resellers will be buying up this stock as soon as it drops, but check in with your local stores for regular updates.

In order to beat PS5 scalpers and find your next-gen console, we’ve got a tool for you to use. Make sure to check when the PS5 is going to be back in stock, and act accordingly.

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