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New PS5 Sales Data Reveals Mind-Blowing Numbers, Outsells Wii U

Sony’s PS5 has outsold Nintendo Wii U in less than one year from its release date.

Undeniably, PS5 has been a massive success for Sony. Ever since the console launched, it has been constantly out of stock.

So far, since its release, this current-gen console has been restocked constantly. Although, due to its high demand, restocks last mere minutes and, in some cases, just seconds.

Earlier this year, Sony celebrated selling 10 million PlayStation 5 units. Thus, converting PS5 into the fastest-selling console in Sony’s history.

Now, the PS5 adds another record-breaking sales figure to its belt.

PlayStation 5 Sales Data Outsells Nintendo Wii U (1)

Sony’s PS5 Outsells Nintendo Wii U in Less Than a Year

According to new sales figures, before PS5 turned one year old, its sales figures outsold Wii U’s lifetime sales.

VGChartz provided the sales data that corroborate this new sales milestone in PS5’s lifetime.

According to this information, PS5 sold 13.8 million units around the world through October 23, 2021. Overall, Wii U sold 13.56 million units in its lifetime.

Note that PlayStation 5 reached this sales record before November 12, which is the date it launched back in 2020.

Thus, granting PS5 the record before reaching a year in the market.

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PS5 Sales Data Outsells Nintendo Wii U (1)

This record is a fantastic feat, but not a surprising one. Mainly because the console has been completely sold out since its release.

As of November 13, roughly one year after PS5 launched, it has sold 14.50 million units in total.

PS5 also approaches new sales records as time moves forward. In the US, PS5 has sold 5.13 million units until November 13.

In perspective, Nintendo’s Wii U sold 5.70 million units in this territory in its lifetime.

This sales streak is certainly not slowing down. In September, PS5 broke a monthly sales record, dethroning Nintendo Switch’s 33 consecutive weeks record in this position.

The console has been in such high demand that some retailers have recently canceled PS5 orders due to overselling.

If you are still looking for a PS5, Walmart is having a Walmart+ members PS5 restock soon.

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Comments 7



Saturday 8th of January 2022

Of course because scalpers.


Thursday 2nd of December 2021

What an odd comparison. Why not compare it to first year sales vs the switch or PS4


Saturday 27th of November 2021

The Wii U was also a massive flop for Nintendo


Saturday 27th of November 2021

Yeah and sold out within 5 minutes because they do nothing to stop scalpers from buying everything and raising prices, and they have the audacity to call themselves heroes of the people, nothing more then two bit thieves

Faux et faux

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

Quel record ? Celui de dépasser la WiiU a été réalisé par la Switch en moins de temps que la PS5.

Puis, Détrôner une Switch vieille de 5 ans après 33 mois de monopole, en Septembre, puis lui remettre sa couronne en Octobre n'est pas un exploit.

Faux et faux

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

@Apex g,

Apex g

Saturday 27th of November 2021

@Ronin, what do you expect Sony to do? It's the retailers fault some are doing the right thing and making sure you bring ID and keeping a database, but most of them are greedy and don't care who buys them. Nothing to do with Sony. But I agree Sony are heartless and don't care, but it's not actually their fault with the scalping.