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Reviews are coming in for PS5 – Here’s what they are saying

Reviews of Sony's PlayStation 5 are beginning rolling out ahead of the next-generation console's scheduled November 12 release.

So far, the reviews are generally very positive and paint a great looking picture of Sony's console engineering.

PlayStation 5 Console Review

Sony PlayStation 5


The PS5 will launch in two variants, following the trend the Xbox Series X/S set.

The standard PlayStation 5 will price at $500/£450/AU$750. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition launches at $400/£350/AU$650.

The Standard and Digital Editions include the same internals. The only difference between the two is the Standard edition sports a disc drive.

4K Gaming and Ray Tracing

Sony took a much different approach to graphics than Microsoft did with the Xbox Series X.

The PS5 will focus heavily on delivering visually appealing graphics in 4K and 1080p using ray tracing. Ray tracing was previously only available on higher-end gaming PCs, so this jump to affordable consoles is a great sign.

Mat Paget for GameSpot said the console's performance running Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 4K at 30FPS with ray tracing enabled is impressive.

The GameSpot review also said the PS5's ray tracing and graphics abilities could compare with the highest-end gaming PCs.

New Gameplay Offers Closer Look at Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ray Tracing on PS5

Almost every early review of the console praises Sony for including the option to swap between performance and fidelity modes.

Gamers who enjoy seeing shadows and reflections that mimic real-life can use fidelity mode. Those who want smoother gameplay can opt for performance mode.

Andrew Webster for The Verge said that gamers need a high-end television to use the PS5 to its fullest extent.

To get the most out of the PS5, here's what you need to know about TVs and monitors.

The Design

Is the PS5 a gaming console or an alien spacecraft? It's hard to distinguish the two at this point.

As some notable early reviewers have said, this generation of PlayStation sports a polarizing design.

Sony took a shot at delivering an eye catching console, much to the contrary of Microsoft with the Series X.

Andrew Webster for The Verge said Sony's decision to go with an "out of this world" design is an acquired taste.

Unlike its main competitor, the PS5 will be hard to hide under your TV.

The PS5 users much less energy than the PS4 Pro.

PlayStation 5 Controller Review

Sony PlayStation 5 Controller

Haptic and Trigger Feedback

The PS5 controller is unlike any console controller we've ever seen or felt.

One of its key features, haptic and trigger feedback, changes the way a controller feels in your hands.

Mike Epstein for IGN said the controller's new haptic and trigger feedback makes you connected even more to the games you're playing.

He said games like Astro's Playroom showcase the fullest potential of the new controller with the trigger resistance when performing specific tasks.

On top of the new feedback mechanisms, Sony completely changed the vibration patterns. Now, when you approach something, the vibration will get stronger.

The Design

Much like the console it's paired with, the PS5 controller changes its design significantly from the previous generation.

The dualsense controller includes a built in microphone, mute switch, and share button.

On top of the new features, the design is also more streamlined to be more comfortable for all users.

Russ Frushtick for Polygon said the design of the controller is the best he's felt yet in any console. He noted that the controller size is perfect for his larger hands because of the extended handles.

He added that the DualSense Controller fits his land like the best handshake he's ever had.

PlayStation 5 Day One Exclusives

Unlike its competitor, the PS5 is available on launch day alongside a short list of exclusives.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the console's premier title on launch day. It perfectly showcases the console's abilities in 4K gaming with and without ray tracing.

GameSpot noted that the load times for the game never took longer than 60 seconds. This is a feat the PS4 could only dream of accomplishing.

Daniel Van Boom for CNET said the fact that the PS5 includes more day-one exclusives than the competition gives it the upper hand.

The PS5 will also sport backward compatibility, so any game you purchased for the PS4 will not be turned into a paperweight.

Ahead of the console's release, some stores are lining shelves with PS5 games.

The Verdict

Almost every early review of Sony's PlayStation 5 is overwhelmingly positive. This is due in part to its graphical power and day one exclusives.

The Dualsense 5 controller adds significant improvements over the previous generation.

Gamers interested in seeing reflections of Spider-Man in puddles and in windows should opt for the PS5.

Key Opinions

If you were lucky enough to pre-order a PS5 before they went out of stock, congratulations. If not, these key opinions may sway you to want to pick one up or not.

The Verge - "The console is a perfect console for gamers who want fast load times and smooth gameplay".

GameSpot - "The PS5's unique and custom controller and graphical prowess is the largest difference between it and the previous generation".

CNET - "The console's controller is the most impressive feature of the entire console experience".

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