With Xbox Series X information now out in the wild, Sony has a lot to live up to with their next-gen console. There’s been no official word on when we can expect to see the PS5 reveal, but if a recent teaser is anything to go by it could be as soon as next week.

In preparation for CES 2020 press conference, Sony has updated its website to promote the event. Sony’s official website now reads: “The future is coming”. Although you can use this phrase to promote almost any piece of upcoming technology, this one appears to somewhat resemble sayings used for PS4.

Sony CES 2020

With this in mind, it’s possible that Sony will reveal the highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 console at the event. Of course, it’s certainly still a longshot, but the terminology Sony is using hints towards the reveal of a new console.

The Consumer Electronics Show generally stays away from PlayStation equipment. Instead, the press conference usually sheds light on upcoming TVs and phones, but it could be time for that to change with the PS5 set to launch in Holiday 2020.

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Sony’s CES event is set to take place on January 6th at 5PM PST / 1AM UK on Jan. 7. Although nothing PlayStation-related has been confirmed as of yet, you’ll still want to keep an eye out. You can watch the press conference at Sony’s official website.

The PlayStation twitter is yet to promote the event in any way, shape or form – but if they do, you can bet your bottom dollar that the PS5 reveal is inbound. We’re not convinced that the PS5 reveal will take place next week, but stranger things have certainly happened.

If it doesn’t surface next week, then there’s no need to worry. As we head into the new decade, there’s going to be plenty of opportunities for Sony to share what’s coming later this year.