PS5 Reveal Event Date is Apparently Moving, Next PlayStation State of Play Rumored

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Earlier this month, Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb claimed that a PS5 reveal event was on the horizon for June 4. These plans seem to have changed, however.

In a recent tweet, Grubb understands that the previous June 4 PS5 event date is shifting. The good news is that it’s apparently a matter of days, instead of weeks.

It’s unclear if this event will now come ahead of schedule or a few days later. Since they have not clarified, we’ll have to wait and see. While it would be cool to see what’s in store a few days earlier, it’s fair to say that’s probably not going to be the case.

Citing trusted anonymous sources, Jeffrey Grubb claims in a recent Venture Beat article that the “early June timeframe is still the company’s current plan” for the PS5 reveal.

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Apparently, “Sony has a couple of events in the works,” of which will presumably reveal the PlayStation 5 console design, games, and much more.

In terms of what to expect for the early June event, Grubb notes “Sony was putting together a roster of next-gen games.” These video games weren’t just first-party either, but this lineup might have changed in tandem with the reschedule.

PlayStation State of Play Planned for August 2020

Last week, Sony hosted a PlayStation State of Play digital-only event to showcase 18 minutes of new gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima. Fortunately, it seems there’s another State of Play on the horizon – and it’s not too far away according to Jeff Grubb!

PlayStation State of Play

The next PlayStation State of Play is slated for August 2020, set to reveal an array of current and next-gen video games. While it’s not entirely clear as to what exactly will be revealed, some expect a new installment of Horizon Zero Dawn to make an appearance. That is speculation at best, however.

For the latest updates, you can keep an eye on the official PS5 website.

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