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PS5 Retailer Beats Scalpers With ‘Priority Pass’ Waiting List System

There’s a new way to get hold of a PS5 and beat the scalpers, thanks to this new Priority Pass waiting list system.

Finally, one retailer is handling the PS5 stock shortage the way it should be handled. After months of mismanagement at retailers everywhere, one store is getting things right at last.

Currently, every time there’s a new PS5 restock, scalpers are able to swoop in with bots that immediately snatch up the consoles.

Here’s how scalpers are nabbing all the PS5s from right under our noses. In fact, you can even see just how many PS5s have gone to scalpers right here.

ps5 restock Currys
(Source: Sony)

Now, there’s a new way to beat the scalpers, so long as you’re within driving range of a Currys PC World.

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Currys PC World PS5 Restock Incoming – March 2021

It looks like UK retailer Currys PC World has a new way to beat scalpers when restocking PS5 consoles.

On the retailer’s online store, the company is offering a new Priority Pass system which will allow you to sign up now to get a PS5 when available.

This comes ahead of a huge PS5 restock set to take place throughout March 2021.

PS5 restock
(Source: Sony)

As soon as Currys is ready to drop another PS5 restock users will be notified and allowed to collect their consoles. However, there are some conditions:

Firstly, there’s only one entry per person. This is ideal when it comes to preventing scalpers from snatching up multiple consoles right off the bat.

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But you also need to be aware that this is more like a raffle than a standard restock. The scalpers aren’t guaranteed a console, but you aren’t either.

currys pc world ps5 priority pass
(Source: Currys PC World)

Thankfully, this way of selling devices does at least even the playing field a bit.

Finally, it looks like the PS5s in question will only become available when Currys PC World stores are allowed to open again after lockdown. As of right now, we don’t know for sure exactly when this will be, but it’s slated for around April 12.

PS5 Stock Trackers 2021 – USA & UK

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From what we can see, PS5 scalpers are already lowering their prices. Now that more stock is becoming available over time, there’s little reason to look to a reseller for your next-gen device.

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But even without a PlayStation 5, we’ll soon be able to enjoy Sony exclusive titles on PC, reports this leaker.

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Monday 8th of March 2021

Nice idea from Curry’s on the face of it, but if you still have to wait until Mid-April at the earliest, why good is it?


Monday 8th of March 2021

Sounds good, doesn't work. It have been tried in Denmark already and a large number is still sold on ebay and similar sites in the following days.