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PS5 Restocks in Japan Canceled Following Mayhem

The next-gen console shortage continues to cause chaos as violence erupts in Japan during a PS5 restock in a Tokyo store.

It appears that the Land of The Rising Sun is experiencing its own next-gen console shortage issues. A recent restock at a popular gaming store called Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo descended into mayhem when the crowd turned volatile.

Just like the west, Japan has also had difficulty with scalpers snagging PS5 consoles as soon as there’s a restock. To combat this and create a fairer system, Japanese stores have turned to something called ‘chussen.’

This is a lottery-style idea when people are chosen at random to receive the limited PS5 stock. This prevents scalpers from plying their trade. It also means every shopper is as likely as any other to go home with a PS5 console.

It’s not perfect, but while PS5 stock is in short supply, it’s better than nothing. It’s also been an effective strategy to de-fang scalpers, but it’s not been without its problems.

What’s Happening at The PS5 Restocks?

The chussen ticket system has caused stores like Yodobashi Camera to fill up with hopeful shoppers – a large crowd of them. Not only is this itself a COVID spreading risk, but the crowds are also becoming increasingly desperate to find a PS5.

So much so that they are pushing and shoving each other to be first in line for a chussen ticket, not caring who they hurt as they do. It got so bad that the most recent PS5 restock at this Tokyo store was canceled – so nobody got a PS5.

Problems like this will eventually be resolved once stock is readily available, but until then could continue to happen. Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that more stock is on the way.

Sony has said that millions more units are coming in 2021. And Microsoft has also confirmed their intention to produce and ship more Xbox Series X consoles.

AMD, who produces parts for both the PS5 and Xbox, expects the shortage to go on for a few more months. But they are confident there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The stock shortage is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. So as medical science comes to the rescue, we expect this will have a knock-on effect with PS5 and Xbox production.

Like COVID, we hope that the next-gen console stock shortage will be a distant memory at home and in Japan. You can check out the store Yodobashi Camera here.

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