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PS5 Restock – Sony Are Directly Inviting People To Buy A Console

Sony wants you to get your hands on a PS5. They are now directly inviting people to purchase during the next restock.

Another huge PS5 restock is coming – and it's today. It seems that Sony is gradually fixing its PS5 stock problems, as the restocks are coming quicker and with more units.

BestBuy had a major PS5 restock last week on the 12th of March, with another even earlier on the 11th.  One retailer has also promised two this month alone.

So things are improving on the PS5 stock front. We imagine those desperate to secure a PS5 console may not need to work quite as hard as they did over the winter months.

While the stock shortage is far from over, as the first signs of Spring appear, PS5 stock is beginning to become more plentiful. Finally.

It also coincides with the rapid distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, which will be helping markets return to a semblance of normality. The new United States Government has also pledged to support the console market, now that certain trade restrictions have ended.

How else would the PS5 have recently been able to secure its status as the fastest-selling console in US history? Especially in such a short space of time, during a shortage and a global pandemic.

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Sony’s Plan For Today’s PS5 Restock

Sony’s latest PS5 restock goes live today. The company seems to have an air of confidence that they’ll be able to help anyone who wants a PS5 to finally get one.

To help in this endeavor, Sony is inviting would-be buyers directly to attend their restock with a series of emails. They are even sending users personalized URLs that they (and they alone) can use to buy a PS5.

This is intended to help Sony fans secure a console without worrying about scalpers or stock running out too quickly.

Those who’ve received an email will be able to buy a console today when the restock commences without any hassle.

The restock starts today at 12:00pm PT - 3:00pm ET.

How Do I Get an Invitation to Buy A PS5?

To our knowledge, the invitations have gone out to those on the official PS5 mailing list.

Therefore, if you registered an interest in the PS5 either last year or earlier this year, check your email and junk folders. – You may have one waiting for you.

By the looks of things, there’s no way to sign up now and get an invitation for today. There seems to be a finite number of invitations that have gone out.

However, you may be included in the next PS5 restock – so sign up to Sony’s email list now for a chance to be invited to future stock drops.

Remember though; you don’t need an invitation to try your luck at buying a PS5 today when the restock happens. There may be enough stock to secure a console without an email, so go for it!

If you miss out this time, don't worry. Our ultimate guide to buying a PS5 from Walmart can help you secure the next-gen device soon.

In other PS5 news, these two Bethesda games will remain PS5 exclusives following the Microsoft buyout.

Want to know the minute this PS5 drop goes live? Be sure to check our stock trackers below:

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