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PS5 Restock: PlayStation Direct, Walmart, GameStop, Antonline & More Expected to Drop This Week – October 4-10

After a strong start to the month, we’ve got eyes on another PS5 restock wave on October 4-10.

We’re barely into October and already we’ve seen more than our fair share of PS5 restocks at major US locations. With Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, PlayStation Direct, and more all dropping on October 1, we finally got many drops that we were waiting for.

But don’t worry if you missed out – more next-gen console restocks are coming very soon. However, if you’re still on the hunt, you’ll need to know why PS5 orders are getting canceled – and how to stop it from happening to you!

Recently, we did a deep dive into why there’s a shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

And even when you do get hold of your next-gen device, it seems a number of PS5 purchases are seeing heavy delays right now!

Find all of last week’s PS5 restocks here!

Make sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates when new consoles go live:

Without further ado, here is everything we know about the upcoming PS5 restock wave between October 4-10.

All PS5 Restocks – October 4-10

PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock

PlayStation Direct PS5

PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

We already got our first PS5 restock of the month at PlayStation Direct but it’s certain not to be the last. Now that stock levels appear to be on the rise, PlayStation Direct is going live each week with new consoles.

Here’s how to make sure you’re eligible to receive a PlayStation Direct invite and secure your PS5!

At the end of September, we saw Sony go live with 3 separate Direct restocks in a single week. Therefore, we can be relatively confident that the PS5 publisher will have more stock to sell very soon.

Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart PS5 Stock

Walmart PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

Recently, we saw Walmart have one of the biggest next-gen console drops of 2021. However, the major retailer is also one of our most reliable restockers in general, so we expect another drop soon.

Bear in mind, though, that Walmart buyers often have to wait a long time for their PS5 to ship. It seems that the store tends to sell consoles that it doesn’t have yet, and completes the order when stock is available.

But putting yourself on a PS5 waiting list isn’t the end of the world. It’s worth snapping up a new purchase where you can, even if it means dealing with Walmart’s awful Press & Hold button system…

GameStop PS5 Restock

GameStop PS5 Restock

GameStop PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

Our most recent GameStop PS5 restock took place in-stores and it was a huge success. However, only a few select States got to experience the feeling of an in-person restock.

For everyone else, GameStop had an online PS5 restock for PowerUp Rewards Pro members. And the online PS5 drop was so huge that the company opened up to all buyers eventually too!

Could this mean that GameStop has more PS5 stock to reveal this week?

Antonline PS5 Restock

PS5 at AntOnline

Antonline PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

As an online-only retailer, a lot of buyers haven’t heard of Antonline. However, the store does manage to have regular PS5 drops, albeit in bundle form.

The best way to get to an Antonline drop first is to put notifications on for the site’s official Twitter.

Bear in mind, Antonline exclusively sells next-gen stock in bundles. And while this means you’ll be paying a little more for your device, it also means that scalpers are less of an issue.

Best Buy PS5 Restock

PS5 Restock Best Buy

Best Buy PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

We’re still reeling from the recent Best Buy in-store PS5 stock drop that had an incredible number of consoles on offer. We’re sure we’re not the only ones either, as thousands of gamers queued up outside Best Buy stores to get their PS5 in-person.

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We expect that Best Buy has a few consoles in stock again by now. However, whether the retailer will settle for an online restock or save up for another in-person event remains to be seen.

Recently, we saw Best Buy confirm another in-store restock for high-demand items. With that in mind, we’ll be on the watch for more PS5 drops in the near future.

Target PS5 Restock

Target PS5 Restock

Target PS5 Restock Date: Unlikely This Week

After 3 weeks of waiting, Target finally dropped PS5 stock on October 1. We knew about this restock in advance, as we often do with Target – but it wasn’t a huge drop.

We don’t expect Target to go live again this week, but we’re open to being surprised. Recently, Target nationwide PS5 drops returned at last, and we’re definitely happy to see them back!

Amazon PS5 Restock

PS5 at Amazon

Amazon PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

It’s been a little while since our last Amazon PS5 restock and stock at the largest online retailer is starting to pick up lately. Last time the store had a drop, Amazon even announced its PS5 restock in advance!

Could this mean that another Amazon drop is coming soon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to update you when the site begins to tease new stock on the way.

Take a look at when the PS5 was last in-stock for all retailers here.

That’s everything we know for now about the upcoming PS5 restock wave from October 4-10. We’ll be updating this page as further news breaks, so be sure to check back regularly for the latest info!

Meanwhile, PS5 game trials are now live, allowing fans to experience new games before they buy them!

And another huge PlayStation Studio acquisition has finally been announced! If you’re a fan of Demons Souls, you’ll be happy to hear about it.

Finally, this week, we also learned why God of War Ragnarok was delayed! We hope that more interesting reveals (and restocks) will appear in the coming weeks…

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PS5 Restock: Amazon, Target, Walmart, PlayStation Direct & More Expected to Drop This Week – October 25-31
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Monday 4th of October 2021

I don't NEED a PS5 but this shortage restock trouble is just making me want it a little more. Like a girl you like that doesn't say no but just leaves you hanging lol


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

So with the Walmart purchase of PS5 or I guess any next-gen console at this point, I would be cautious. Not only did I order it and waited a month for it to ship (thinking cool it will be here in 2 days finally), but then Ontrac delivery puts multiple delays on my package just for me to call them, after a week of delays and holding in a warehouse 20 minutes north of my home, to tell me that an my "item is missing in their warehouse" and I can wait 8 days for them to maybe find it or request a refund from Walmart. So, in my particular experience I would stay away from Walmart or any retailer using Ontrac for that matter, but I have friends who liked Amazon, Playstation Direct and Gamestop for their next-gen console purchases. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on these restocks and good luck to anyone trying to get a next-gen console!