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PS5 Restock News for April 2021 Will Disappoint Fans

It’s not looking good if you’re still waiting on a PS5 restock in April 2021, according to new reports.

It’s now coming up to 5 months since the release of Sony’s PS5 and stock isn’t in good shape. Thanks to both an ongoing chip shortage and delays from the ongoing global pandemic, there just aren’t enough consoles to go around.

It’s clear that Sony is producing the PS5 as fast as possible, but just look at how few PS5s have been made so far! Now, early reports indicate that consumers could be in for a rough April when it comes to finding a PS5 restock.

PS5 Restock April
(Source: Sony)

This comes after a major PS5 restock at Best Buy failed to appear, despite 6 consecutive weeks of drops. Thankfully, those who wanted a PS5 this April could find one at GameStop earlier this month.

The moment a PS5 restock goes live, you’ll know about it thanks to our lightning-fast stock trackers below:

Low PS5 Stock Coming in April 2021?

According to new reports, both April and May won’t be good for PS5 stock drops.

In a new article by TechRadar, the site reveals that insiders are reporting low inventory across the board. Although the retailers aren’t willing to identify themselves, they are claiming that Sony isn’t providing much PS5 stock in the next couple of months.

Best Buy’s failure to restock did turn some heads, and perhaps we’ll see some similar failures in the coming weeks. Right now, both Walmart and PS Direct are silent on the stock front, despite the latter being the best place for consistent PS5 drops.

playstation 5 restocks april 2021

In fact, PS5 restocks are said to be ‘dire’ for April 2021 as a whole, as analysts predict when exactly the PlayStation 5 shortage will end. Current estimations are for Summer this year, but everything’s a bit up in the air.

We definitely wouldn’t recommend buying a PS5 from Walmart but at this point, some gamers will have to take what they can get.

Pay close attention to the stock trackers above, as we’re not likely to go entirely without a PS5 drop this month. After all, this retailer has over 46,000 PS5s up for grabs soon.

As ever, we’ll keep you up to date on all the new PlayStation 5 restocks as and when they’re coming.

(Source: TechRadar)

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