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PS5 Restock Leaker Reveals When Millions of Consoles Will Drop

The PS5 restock struggles continue, but this leaker has revealed when millions of consoles will drop.

PS5s have been extremely difficult to come by ever since the console released back in November. Fans are eagerly awaiting every single PS5 restock in the hopes of snagging a shiny new system.

A reliable PS5 restock leaker has unearthed some information that could make PS5s a lot easier to buy in the coming months.

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Our tracker is essential to stay on top of all of the PS5 restocks as retailers could drop stock at any time. Best Buy and Gamestop restocked PS5s out of nowhere.

PS5 Restock Leaker

Leaker Potentially Reveals PS5 Restock

Twitter account PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates has a good record with announcing PS5 restock news in the UK. However, there is no way to verify whether the account’s tweets are actual leaks or just predictions.

Therefore, this leaker’s information should not be taken as fact. There is still a chance that this “leak” is more like an educated guess.

A new Tweet by the leaker account claims that the PS5 restock problems could be completely over by April. Apparently, Sony will be sending around 3 million PS5 consoles to store shelves every month until then.

These are huge numbers for the console, but it definitely follows previous PS5 stock news. Sony is set to ship up to 18 million PS5s in 2021.

PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates

PS5 consoles are also being bundled for sale to discourage resellers. Find out how console bundles stop scalpers and bots from buying all of the PS5 restocks.

This PS5 restock leaker’s information might be more important than initially thought. The PS4’s life cycle looks like it will be ending sooner than expected.

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