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PS5 Restock Leaked for Today at Best Buy – March 26

A new PS5 restock is leaking online, suggesting that Best Buy will be dropping stock later today. Here’s what we know:

Getting your hands on a PS5 is difficult, even three months into 2021. Thankfully, the endless drought is finally coming to an end, as Sony ups its game.

Now, we’re seeing regular PS5 restocks dropping every week, and Amazon has over 46,000 PS5s in stock for release.

Here’s how to get a PS5 from Amazon when the drop goes live.

best buy ps5 restock
(Source: Best Buy)

But in the meantime, there’s a new Best Buy PS5 restock taking place today – if rumors are to be believed.

Best Buy PS5 Restock – March 26

According to new reports, there’s a Best Buy Ps5 restock taking place today – March 26.

This comes after popular PS5 restock expert Jake Randall posted about his experience with a Best Buy customer service rep. It appears that one Best Buy employee is leaking an upcoming PS5 drop early, although they ask Randall to keep it a secret.

If this is to be believed, the PS5 will restock at Best Buy today, with no time officially confirmed.

“I have no idea if this is true or not but refreshing the Best Buy website for the next 10 hours is how I was gonna spend my Friday anyway,” Randall claims.

With that in mind, pay attention to our PS5 stock trackers so you’re able to snatch up the device the second it becomes available:

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playstation 5
(Source: Sony)

The original tweet can be found here. However, we won’t post the employee’s name as it’s clear that they weren’t meant to reveal this information just yet.

It’s also worth noting that Jake Randall believes that this could well be a way for the Best Buy customer service rep to end the chat early. However, it’s also a Friday today, which historically has been a big day for Best Buy PS5 restocks.

Yesterday, we saw a major PS5 drop go live at Target and now Best Buy could be dropping too. And for those in the UK, 20,000 PS5s are getting ready to release to fans everywhere.

It’s great to see so many consoles out there in the wild now, but there’s a long way to go before we get PS5s readily-available for all consumers.

Just one look at the PS5 overall sales figures will tell you how many users are still waiting for their next-gen restock.

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James K

Friday 26th of March 2021

OMG! I can't believe I was lucky enough to get this into my cart on Best Buy's website! However, Best Buy required pickup from a store, but wouldn't ship to any store within 250 miles of Denver, CO. What is up with that?! Is this going to be true for all of the restocks?