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PS5 Restock Is Dropping at Walmart Very Soon

If you’re looking for the next PS5 restock, make Walmart your retailer of choice.

There’s a new restock dropping at Walmart soon, with a decent number of PS5 consoles up for grabs. Those gamers who are still yet to secure their next-gen device may soon be in with another chance.

When it comes to PS5 restocks, the UK has been getting all the drops lately. Thankfully, PlayStation isn’t done with the USA just yet.

walmart ps5 restock
(Source: Walmart)

For those in the UK, this retailer has 15,000 more PS5s up for grabs today. For everyone else, keep reading!

Walmart PS5 Restock – March 4

Our next PS5 restock comes courtesy of Walmart, and is scheduled for a March 4 release.

This PS5 restock is almost certainly a large one, given that it was originally set to drop on February 25. After delaying the stock, Walmart likely has more consoles than ever as it prepares to go live tomorrow.

Walmart has always been good with PS5 restocks, however the company did once have orders waiting some time to dispatch.

playstation 5 restock march
(Source: Sony)

You can be first to the Walmart PlayStation 5 restock using the links below:

We last heard that Walmart‘s March 4 PS5 restock would be taking place at 12 PM PT / 2 PM CT / 3 PM ET so be sure to get our stock trackers at the ready.

EDIT: New messages from the Walmart Customer Service staff report that this drop could, in fact, be TODAY!

Recently, PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan informed fans when more PS5s will be in stock. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’ll be a long wait before consoles are available in stores regularly.

We also know that a great deal of PS5s are gathering at this other major US retailer. It’s looking to be an easy month to cop a PlayStation 5 if you’re one of the unlucky fans who are yet to find one.

Meanwhile, the new PlayStation controller is a banana – and we’re not even joking.

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