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PS5 Restock: Where to Buy Horizon Forbidden West Disc & Digital Bundles

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Those looking for a PS5 console are in for a treat with the new Horizon Forbidden West Disc and Digital bundles!

PS5 consoles are still scarce and hard to find. However, Sony is trying to make sure as many gamers as possible can get their current-gen console.

Sony is offering a Horizon Forbidden West bundle in its latest attempt to get gamers on board with the platform.

This offering includes both the Disc and Digital bundles. So, those looking for a cheaper entry option can get the more affordable Digital console.

The bundle contains the base PS5 console of your choosing and a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West. If you want to purchase this bundle, the following retailers are your best option!

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Disc and Digital

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Best Buy

At this moment, Best Buy has already added its listing for these bundles, and it states the product is sold out.

However, this seems to be a placeholder as the listing has not gone live yet for customers to purchase it.

These are the product listings for both bundles offered by Best Buy:

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Is the Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Bundle available on Amazon? – Not Listed Yet

At this moment, Amazon has not yet listed this bundle. Usually, Amazon drops PS5 consoles after the 20th day of the month.

Considering this, it is likely Amazon could list this bundle anytime now. We will update this article with the listing as soon as the retailer adds the listings to its website.

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PS Direct

The Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle first went live in the US via PlayStation Direct on May 24.

This bundle could show up as out of stock on the site but might be available for purchase during invite PS5 restocks.

If you want to try getting your console from this retailer, here is how you can register for a PS Direct PS5 restock email invite.

Sometimes, PS Direct goes live with public drops. In which case, the bundles will be available through the listings below:

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Is the Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Bundle available at Target? – Not Listed

Target has not listed this bundle yet. There is no guarantee that the bundle will be sold at Target. Nevertheless, Best Buy already has a listing for it, so it is likely Target will follow soon.

If Target adds a listing for this bundle, we will provide you with the links here.

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GameStop has now listed this bundle on its US store! In addition to an in-person restock at all GameStop stores, stock has also gone on sale online.

We’re certain more will be coming soon, if the links below are sold out.

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Is the Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Bundle available on Walmart? – Not Listed

Just as most retailers, Walmart also has not still officially listed the Horizon Forbidden West bundle on its online storefront.

However, given that other major retailers are already promoting the bundle, it could be added any moment from now.

Just as with the other retailers above, expect updated links for this bundle as soon as they become available.

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So far, these are the retailers from where you can get this new PS5 bundle!

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