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PS5 Restock Goes Wrong After Argos Infuriates Shoppers

A PS5 restock went badly wrong for Argos after their suggestion to shoppers was not taken very well. Understandably, eager customers were visibly upset by Argos’s comments.

The struggle to find a PS5 still remains a huge problem for shoppers. The scalping issue continues to cause frustration, despite some scalper’s beliefs that they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Argos has come under fire from shoppers after their comments caused some annoyance yesterday. The PS5 Restock for Argos did not go exactly how they had planned.

Argos PS5 Restock

Yesterday Argos had a huge PS5 restock, but in dishing out PS5’s Argos also dished out some unfortunate comments. Some customers were upset with Argos’ handling of the situation.

Interestingly, for some retailers PS5 restocks can happen at unusual times. Yesterday one retailer in particular restocked with no warning. Likewise, Argos has a habit of putting up new stock very early in the morning.

When shoppers are having to stay up until 1-2 AM just to try and secure a PS5, they arent going to be in the best of moods. Nobody wants to lose sleep over securing a PS5.

Many eager gamers set alarms in case of an unexpected Argos PS5 restock, and fortunately, there was one. The problems arose however once Argos’ app decided to crash leaving shoppers with no hope of grabbing a PS5.

Argos’ response was to condescendingly suggest that shoppers “go make a cuppa – we’ll be back before you can say milk and two sugars”, at 2 AM. Understandably, shoppers were very annoyed by this statement.

(Source: Twitter)

Shoppers took to Twitter to air their grievances with the retailer after the comments were met with both anger and frustration. Take a look at some of the comments from shoppers down below.

(Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, unfortunately for many, this was not the end of the frustration. Some users reported their ability to check-out was also not working as intended.

According to some shoppers, baskets would suddenly empty themselves upon trying to finalize the purchase, despite still appearing in stock on the website.

Overall, Argos’ PS5 restock was not providing a pleasant or seamless shopping experience for customers…

PS5 Stock Shortage

Unfortunately for many, the PS5 stock shortage issue continues to be a huge problem. Interestingly, however, one retailer in particular is believed to be dropping over 6000 PS5 consoles today, so keep your eyes peeled.

Furthermore, there could be even more PS5 restocks coming to Argos in the near future. Therefore we recommend you broaden your searches and look across multiple retailers.

Now is the perfect time to pick up a new PS5 console. Sony’s boss is already excited about this exclusive PS5 game and there are Spider-man 2 PS5 leaks already surfacing.

If you want to keep on top of PS5 stock, you can use our handy PS5 stock trackers for up-to-date information on when new stock has been put live. Check out our UK PS5 Stock tracker here for more information.

Finally, there could be some good news considering that some UK scalpers risk being put out of business. It could be that the scalping situation is finally beginning to stabilize, albeit rather slowly.

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