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PS5 Restock Coming This Week From These Internet/Mobile Providers

There’s a way to get your hands on the PS5 this week, with a restock coming to these internet and mobile providers.

If you are still looking for a PS5, chances are you’re checking every major retailer and online store. However, with the PlayStation 5 selling out in record time, it’s not easy to snatch up, even when you see it in stock.

PlayStation fans in the UK are having an extremely tough time of things, with no restocks coming to the region at all. Meanwhile, the US is getting a regular PS5 restock right here.

Thankfully, United Kingdom-based PS5 fans won’t have to wait long for the next drop. But not everyone will have access to the incoming stock.

How to Get a PS5 in the UK This Week

If you’re looking to get a PS5 in the restock this week, there’s only one place to look. According to long-standing rumors, both EE and BT are two provides set to get a restock.

Of course, gamers cannot simply buy a console from these internet and mobile providers. Instead, they must already be a customer on one of the two networks.

PS5 Restock 2021 internet mobile providers

What’s more, new leaks from PS5Instant on Twitter confirms further details about the upcoming PS5 restock.

If the leaker proves correct, the PS5 will only be available for EE and BT customers in their first 17 months of contract. What’s more, you cannot buy the device outright.

Instead, gamers can use an interest-free monthly charge to purchase their PS5. But what does this mean for PS5 stock in general?

The UK’s First Major PS5 Restock

If this rumor turns out to be substantiated, this means that the UK is finally getting its first major PS5 restock this week. It also means that other UK retailers may well be getting consoles in the same shipment.

Be sure to stay tuned, as we’re set to receive more information shortly. According to the leak, EE and BT should be receiving stock on January 5, with orders going live on January 7.

EE and BT PS5 UK restock

If stock is delayed, we could be looking at a restock between January 12-14. And this could stretch out across the whole of the UK.

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According to PS5Instant, the delay getting consoles to the UK came after Sony decided to prioritize the US this Christmas. It was further extended after Brexit caused port delays, and some retailers quietly released stock in-store to combat scalpers.

If you want to beat scalpers to the next PS5 restock, there’s a way of doing that too. Unfortunately, this method is not yet available in the United Kingdom.

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