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PS5 Restock: Where to Buy a PlayStation 5 on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

With the holidays fast approaching, Black Friday and Cyber Monday could be many people’s final chance to get a PS5 this year. Here’s where to find your next-gen console.

Although there’s very little stock for Sony’s PlayStation 5 at present, Black Friday offers some users another chance at the console. It’s not going to be easy, however, as the number of retailers confirmed to have the device in stock is very limited.

Which Retailers Sell the PS5 in the US?

PlayStation 5 Stock Black Friday
(Source: Sony)

GameStop PS5 Restock

GameStop will have PS5s to purchase in stores on Black Friday for those inclined to make a trip in person. These units cannot be purchased online, and doors open at 7 AM.

GameStop can only confirm that each store will receive a minimum of 2 PS5s, so if you’re not first to this offer, you risk missing out.

Other major retailers tend to be more focused on online-only PS5 sales, and you can check stock levels on the following links.

PlayStation Direct

Your first option is to buy directly from PlayStation itself. Consoles are currently out of stock, but some users report that the site has been restocking gradually every so often.


Although Amazon is staying quiet about a potential restock on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the online retailer is one of the most likely candidates to have stock. Watch out for one of the sites Lightning Deals and you might just be in luck.

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Best Buy

Any sales from Best Buy will be online-only, as the company has confirmed no PS5s will be in stores this holiday season. However, the PS5 did make an appearance in the Best Buy Black Friday advertisement campaign, so be sure to check regularly.


Target is currently offering PS5 consoles only with Drive Up or Order Pickup services when available. Should your local store suddenly get stock, you’ll be able to check on the store’s website.


Although Walmart recently sold through its Black Friday PS5 stock early, launching on November 25, it’s possible that more units may become available.

Looking for an Xbox too? Check out our post on where to find the Xbox Series X/S this Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Which Retailers Sell the PS5 in the UK?

PS5 restock Black Friday Cyber Monday
(Source: Sony)

In the UK, PS5 sales haven’t been stable from the start. In fact, the PS5s second launch was even worse than the first time around.

However, there’s still hope of getting your hands on a PS5 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Like in the US, Amazon UK is likely to have sporadic stock from time to time. However, Amazon’s most recent PS5 launch occurred over an hour late with no prior notice.

Be sure to check regularly, and watch those Lightning Deals for any last-second drops.

Currys PC World

After a disaster on PS5 launch day, Currys PC World had to pull their console stock at the last moment due to impatient buyers finding a way to access the site early. Since then, Currys is yet to announce what’s happening with its PS5 stock.

If it’s dropping today, you’d be better off checking the site rather than waiting for notice. The Currys PC World social media staff are constantly late to announce stock levels and don’t appear to know anything regarding next-gen console stock.


Those with a local store in the UK still won’t be able to go to GAME until lockdown ends on December 2. However, GAME’s online store may well have a PS5 or two to offer.

Bear in mind, however, that GAME appears to be selling PS5s only in bundles with other controllers, games, and T-shirts in an effort to boost sales.

Smyths Toys

It’s unlikely that Smyths Toys is going to have the PS5 this Black Friday weekend, as the website still predicts a December 2020 restock. However, be certain to check each store on the website as each has individual stock levels that may update separately.

PS5 Controller
(Source: Sony)

If you’re wondering why stock levels are so low, look no further than PS5 scalper groups. In fact, one group of resellers has gathered over 3500 PS5s in the UK alone.

Fans should enable notifications for Twitter account Wario64 for the best chance at getting to the console first.

And for all those lucky enough to score a PS5 this Black Friday, here’s what to do before selling your old PS4 or Xbox One.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to find one just yet, as more PS5 stock is coming before the end of the year. Check back regularly for all the latest updates on the incoming consoles.

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