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PS5 Remote Play Added To PS4 Home Screen

Users who turn on their PS4 consoles today will notice an exciting new addition to the home screen. It also suggests that additional PS5 Remote Play features may be on the way.

Remote Play has existed since the PS3 and PSP era but never really kicked off in the way that Sony hoped it would.

The PS Vita allowed gamers to stream and play their PS4 games on the go, using a more sophisticated version of Remote Play. But this too failed to set the world on fire.

We feel that Remote Play was a little ahead of its time. But as we hurtle towards 2021, streaming is now the norm, and Remote Play could be ready to make a comeback.

PS5 Remote Play Added To PS4 Home Screen

We’re also living in the Nintendo Switch era when playing games in multiple ways and locations has become normalized. People also have access to much faster broadband internet speeds, making streaming easier.

PS5 Remote Play – A New Role For PS4

This morning, Sony updated PS4 consoles with a PS5 Remote Play option. This means that PS4 owners will be able to use their older consoles to stream their PS5 games in other locations.

This is an interesting update, as it means PS5 owners that decide to relegate their PS4s to other parts of the house will be able to play their PS5 in multiple rooms through their PS4s. Such an advantage was previously something PS TV owners had also using PS4 Remote Play.

A PS5 to PS4 feature opens up some exciting possibilities, especially for households with multiple gaming spaces. It also raises some interesting questions about if PS5 games will be playable on a PS4 controller. But Sony is yet to comment.

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We also wonder what other plans Sony has for Remote Play now that the feature is returning on PS5. Sony made some changes to Remote Play on PS4 last month, which allowed it to connect to PC and Macs.

What Does Remote Play On PS5 Mean For The Future?

It seems entirely plausible that this functionality will continue to enable the PS5 in the near future. Sony may have some surprises in store; they may have brought this feature to PS5 for more than just backwards compatibility with PS4.

If Sony ever decides to pull the trigger on a successor to the PS Vita, it’s not unreasonable to assume that PS Remote Play would be part of it. This way, the portable console could connect to the PS5 as the Vita did to PS4.

As the PS5 is just mere days away, here’s how you can transfer your PS4 data to your PS5. We’ve also finally seen a glimpse of what PS5 ray tracing looks like too.


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