PS5 Reddit User Creates Smart PlayStation 5 UI Concept

PlayStation 5 UI Concept

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With the launch of PS5 scheduled for Holiday 2020 and no official reveal of the console, numerous concepts are surfacing on the internet. With the hype around PS5 release increasing each passing day, some of the creators have used their talent and imagination to produce concepts of the upcoming console’s User Interface (UI). 

Since many creators have devoted their time to doing so, the online community has had the opportunity to witness a variety of concepts each hosting similar features but with distinctive design patterns.

Some of the concepts are adaptations from current generation PlayStation’s UI, while others are made from scratch. 

PlayStation 5 UI Concept Video 

Amongst the many concepts we have come across, one concept has managed to stand out. This concept was submitted by Reddit user BaIance on PS5’s subreddit. 

The concept is a 13-second video featuring the main screen. An initial glance reveals that this design is, in many ways similar to the current PS4’s design. But detailed scrutiny will reveal otherwise.

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Instead of a giant row of icons flooding the screen, there are options present hinting that the menu is interchangeable and can be used to present content based upon the selected option. Instead of the profile name and picture being displayed in the center of the screen, it has been shifted to the extreme right. 

Only the notifications, friends and trophy icons are displayed in the center. A new symbol occupies a small portion of the screen’s left side. Positioned beside the current time, it is used to display the strength of the connection.

Apart from this scrolling through each application will display brief stats regarding the game: time played, progress, last trophies, and the like. Selecting it won’t launch the game rather open details about your progress, trophies, events, and any relevant details. Holding X will launch the game. 

To sum up, the interface had a sleek design, was extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Its simplicity and classification of content under menus were unmatched. The graphics for icons, buttons, and the overall menus were magnificently designed and looked seemingly original. 

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