The specs for the upcoming PS5 Pro have been circulating for the last few weeks – and now, a trusted source has verified that they are correct!

As it has now reached the midway point of the console generation, it’s about time that Sony releases an upgraded version of the PS5. And while there has been no official PS5 Pro announcement yet, leaks have revealed plenty of information about the console already.

Both the PS5 Pro release window as well as the specs for the console have been shared online. And, as time goes on, more trusted sources are verifying these leaks!

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The PlayStation 5 Pro Specs Have Been Verified

Senior Editor of The Verge, Tom Warren, has confirmed the PS5 Pro’s leaked specs in a new post on X (formerly Twitter).

In this post, he claims to have seen all of the leaked PS5 Pro documents himself. He also shares some of the leaked specs regarding the power of the CPU and the system memory.

Warren reiterates that the PS5 Pro will have a “high CPU frequency mode”, which boosts CPU power by 10% up to 3.85GHz.

Additionally, he mentions that the console will have an extra 1.2GB available system memory compared to the base PS5. This brings the total up to 13.7GB.

For reference, these are the supposed PS5 Pro specs, based on the leaked documents that Warren has verified, compared to the base PS5.

PS5PS5 Pro
CPU ArchitectureEight core/16 Thread Zen 2Eight core/16 Thread Zen 2
CPU Clock Speeds3.5GHz3.5GHz/3.85GHz
GPU Compute Units36 CUS, RDNA 260 CUs, RNDA 3
TFLOPs/GPU Clock Speed10.23TF/ 2.23GHz33.5TF/ 2.18GHz (TBC)
GDDR6 Memory16GB at 14Gbps16GB at 18Gbps
Memory Available For Games12.5GB13.7GB
Memory Interface/ Bandwidth256-bit/448GB/s256-bit/576GB/s
Information via Digital Foundry and Eurogamer

So far, Warren is the most reliable source that has corroborated the leaked PS5 specs. Therefore, it seems overwhelmingly likely that they are correct.

Despite the leaked PS5 Pro specs almost certainly being true, they are still subject to change until Sony announces them. What’s more, the increased power of the PS5 Pro may not actually be too much of an upgrade over the base PlayStation 5.

It looks like 4K 60 FPS gaming still won’t be the standard on the PS5 Pro, which is very disappointing.

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