The specs for the PS5 Pro have been leaked, revealing a massive increase in performance as well as new AI upscaling features!

The PS5 Pro is one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming right now, with plenty of leaks surrounding the upcoming console.

The release window of the PS5 Pro has already been leaked, and now the specs for the upcoming console have already been revealed before Sony could announce it!

DualSense Controller and PS5 Console

PS5 Pro Specs Leak

YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead revealed leaked documents containing the specs for the upcoming PS5 Pro, codenamed Trinity. This upcoming console will be much more powerful than the base PS5 and will also make use of machine learning to use AI upscaling technology.

The leaked document says that the PS5 Pro will have three key features. They are:

  1. Higher GPU Performance
    • 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point
    • Rendering on the PS5 Pro will be around 45% faster than the base PS5
  2. Faster Ray Tracing
    • The PS5 Pro’s more powerful ray tracing architecture will allow speeds of 2x – 4x faster compared to the base PS5
  3. Powerful Machine Learning Architecture
    • Custom architecture for machine learning supporting 300 TOPs of 8-bit computation to support PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR)

This increased performance should make 4K 60 FPS possible for almost all games on the PS5 Pro. This is excellent news, as many titles can only manage around 40 FPS when in 4K mode on the base PS5.

PS5 Close Up

Additionally, the leak confirms that two versions of the PS5 will be available to purchase following the launch of the PS5 Pro. Presumably, this will be the PS5 Slim and the PS5 Pro.

Existing PS5 games can be patched to make the most of the additional power of the PS5 Pro, while future games can be released with full support for both versions of the PS5 on day one.

While Sony has not confirmed this information yet, this leak comes from a reliable source. Therefore, we expect Sony to confirm these leaked specs when it announces the PS5 Pro.

For more information on the specs of the PS5 Pro, check out the video below from Moore’s Law is Dead:
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