There have been plenty of rumblings about when the PS5 Pro will hit store shelves – here are all of the most important leaks and rumors about its release date!

Even though there has been no official announcement from Sony about a possible ‘Pro’ edition of the PlayStation 5, it seems almost certain that a beefed-up version of the console will arrive soon.

As the PS5 enters the latter stages of its life cycle and the sales begin to dip, it makes sense for Sony to release a new iteration of the console. After the success of the PS4 Pro, Sony would want to capitalize on the desire for a mid-generation upgrade again.

Of course, a slim version of the PS5 came out in late 2023. However, an upgraded ‘Pro’ version of the console with improved specs would certainly get PlayStation fans much more excited.

PS5 Pro Logo

Fortunately, there have been a number of rumors that point towards a late 2024 release date for the PS5 Pro!

PS5 Pro Rumored to Have Late 2024 Release Date

Sony has not even revealed that a PS5 Pro is in development yet, let alone a release date. However, plenty of rumors have been circulating stating that a Pro version of the PS5 will launch at the end of 2024.

Despite this, different sources suggest varying release months for Sony’s mid-generation console upgrade.

The first PS5 Pro reports came from Insider Gaming, which suggests that the console is set for a November 2024 release date. This outlet previously leaked accurate PS5 Slim information, meaning it’s likely also correct about the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Slim Next to a Controller

Meanwhile, gaming insider Jeff Grubb claimed on the Game Mess podcast that he had heard a September 2024 release date for the PS5 Pro. He is also a trusted source within the industry and wouldn’t share information unless he is confident about it.

Additionally, a Kantan Games industry analyst, Serkan Toto, told CNBC that the PS5 Pro had a late 2024 release date. This would help sell more consoles before GTA 6, which is set to be the biggest gaming release ever.

However, does this rumored release window line up with Sony’s usual schedule?

How Does This Release Line Up to the PS4 Pro?

Sony released the PS4 Pro back in November 2016. This was three years after the original PS4 hit store shelves.

If the PS5 Pro releases in late 2024, as rumors suggest, this would align well with Sony’s past console generation.

Of course, this would mean a four-year gap between the releases of the original PS5 and PS5 Pro. However, the extra year makes sense when you take into account the stock shortages for the first couple of years of the console’s life.

PS4 Pro

Between all of the release window rumors, as well as the timing of the PS4 Pro launch, it seems almost certain that Sony will release a PS5 Pro in late 2024. If this is the case, the console will likely be announced a couple of months beforehand.

For the last couple of years, Sony has held a large Summer State of Play event between June and August. This would be the perfect time to announce the PS5 Pro, alongside a release date and pre-order details.

Stay tuned for official word from Sony about the PS5 Pro. We are bound to hear something in the coming months!

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