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PS5 Pro & New Xbox Series X Releasing in 2023/2024, Claims Tech Giant

A tech giant manufacturer revealed that PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series X could launch sooner than most think, in 2023.

PS5 Pro and a mid-cycle upgrade for the Xbox Series X are almost a given. Rumors have already indicated the possibility of a PS5 Pro console coming in 2023, with upgraded ray-tracing performance.

Considering this was the path Sony and Microsoft followed for the previous generation, we could likely see a mid-cycle refresh this time as well.

Mostly, these rumors come from industry insiders and other leaks. However, the latest information that validates rumors of new mid-generation consoles comes directly from a tech manufacturer.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Controller
Sony / Microsoft

TCL Hints at Possible PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X Launch in 2023/4

During one of its new TV lineups presentation in Poland, the tech giant TCL shared that PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series X could launch in 2023/4.

This is the first time a manufacturer mentions the existence of PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series X, adding another layer of credibility to existing rumors.

The presentation also added some expected general tech specifications for both machines. According to TCL, these would be the output capacity for PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series X console:

  • Render: 2160p / 60 – 120 FPS
  • Output: UHD-8K / 60 – 120 FPS

Aside from this information, there were no additional hardware details about both consoles.

Rumors about PS5 Pro have piled up since 2021. But, since these are still leaks and insider information, it is always recommended to take them with a grain of salt.

However, the number of rumors and projections about these consoles has dramatically increased lately.

This could hint at a higher level of certainty that both companies are working on mid-generation upgrades.

Things have been complicated for both consoles. PS5 is still hard to get, and even Sony is still sporadically restocking PlayStation 5 units through PS Direct.

The scarcity and delay of many games could be a factor that affects the release of these rumored upcoming hardware.

Given all the current world conditions, a 2023 release could be pretty challenging but not impossible.

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PPE PS5 Pro New Xbox Series X

As of right now, gamers still have plenty of time to enjoy their PS5 consoles! If you already own one of these consoles there are plenty of great games already available and coming soon!

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Wednesday 25th of May 2022

This is truly stupid. The Series consoles haven't even seen any REAL next gen games. Now they're claiming the console (which came out BARELY 2 YEARS ago) needs a refresh?!

What crap!