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PS5 Pro in Development? Here’s What The Rumors Say

If it’s true that history repeats itself, the PS5 will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps with the release of a PS5 Pro – but when will it be released? And how much will it cost?

When it comes to top-notch tech, the Xbox Series X reigns supreme as the world’s most powerful gaming console.

However, current speculation reveals that Sony might have a counterattack. Many fans believe that the PS5’s opportunity to dethrone the Series X comes in the form of a Pro edition.

Is there a PS5 Pro in development? A PS5 Pro could be twice as powerful than a standard PS5
Source: Sony

It’s been two months since the PS5’s release and PS4 Pro production is already being terminated. As the Playstation dynasty continues, a new model appears on the horizon.

Speculation about a Pro model really kicked off when fans uncovered a Sony Patent published back in July, 2020. The patent describes a future gaming console that comes with two GPUs instead of one.

If this is utilized in the PS5 Pro, it could be twice as powerful as the standard model.

The prospective release of a Pro edition (likely alongside a Slim remodel) proves that the future of gaming is beyond our imagination. While its development has yet to be announced, here’s everything we know so far about that possible release, cost, and specs of a PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro Release Date

If the future Pro is as revolutionary as rumors suggest, it won’t be released anytime soon. Nevertheless, some fans are already choosing to wait for a greater remodel.

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It’s worth noting that the Pro version of the PS4 was released three years after the standard model. With that logic in mind, the PS5 Pro’s release date will likely be around 2023 at the earliest.

Additionally, a new console will need time to catch up with upcoming technological breakthroughs such as 8k and the new HDMI 2.1.

How Much Will The PS5 Pro Cost?

The cost of a Pro is down to speculation.

Knowing that a standard PS5 is $499 and the digital is $399, we can assume that a PS5 Pro won’t be any cheaper. But, it might not be more expensive either.

Both the PS4 and PS4 Pro cost $399 on release, so it’s possible that the PS5 Pro’s price tag will match the standard PS5. A superior console for the same price as its predecessor doesn’t seem half bad – so long as you’re willing to wait for it.

PlayStation 5 Pro Specs

Now for the juicy stuff! The appeal of the PS5 Pro is centered in its gaming horsepower.

So what could we look forward to with its potential release?

Sony has a custom system-on-chip for the standard PS5 that combines an AMD CPU with an RDNA2 GPU. This allows the PS5 to deliver an astounding 10.3 teraflops of graphical power.

This means that if Sony uses its patented two-GPU design in the Pro, we could be looking at DLSS-level power with twice the graphics capability of the PS5.

It’s completely hypothetical, but still an amazing notion.

Either way, the PS5 Pro is only a daydream at this point.

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Clarissa Andrews

Saturday 20th of March 2021

Sorry this is incorrect. PlayStation has already commented that slim will be second half of 2021. Ps4 slim was released 3 years after ps4 so max for ps5 pro will be 2022.

Sheek Nasser zahriya

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

Makes ps5 pro