Sony will be using the ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ label on games to show which titles will benefit from the new console’s extra power, according to leaks.

While not confirmed yet, it seems almost certain that a Pro version of the PS5 will be releasing in late 2025. And, of course, this updated PS5 will be considerably more powerful than the base version of the console.

According to new reports, PlayStation will be using the new ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ to show which games will benefit from the console’s added power – and leaks have also revealed what this label could mean for the graphical fidelity and frame rate of games!

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PS5 Pro Graphical Improvements to Be Marked with ‘Enhanced’ Label

According to Insider Gaming, PlayStation may give the PS5 Pro Enhanced label to any game that has any of the following enhancements on PS5:

  • A more detailed target resolution for a game that has a fixed resolution on the base PS5
  • Increased maximum target resolution for base PS5 games with a variable resolution
  • A higher target frame rate for games with a fixed target frame rate on the base PS5
  • Additional ray tracing effects on the PS5 Pro

We expect that this will apply to almost every new game on PS5 following the release of the PS5 Pro. After all, a higher frame rate is almost a certainty for titles on a more powerful console.

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After viewing leaked documents about the console, Insider Gaming also reports that PlayStation wants games on the PS5 Pro to have significantly better graphical fidelity, frame rates and improved ray tracing.

This improved performance will be in a PS5 Pro exclusive graphics mode for games that will combine the following graphical upgrades:

  • PSSR to upscale resolution to 4K
  • A constant 60FPS
  • Add or increase ray tracing effects

The leaked PS5 Pro specs certainly suggest that the mid-generation upgrade console will be a lot more powerful. However, there are still worries that 4K 60 FPS may not be possible for every game on PS5 Pro.

Only time will tell whether Sony’s new console reaches these performance targets. Stay tuned for the PS5 Pro announcement in the near future, where we’ll hopefully find out these details!

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