Computer hardware manufacturer AMD has hinted that the PS5 Pro could be using AI technology to upscale the console’s graphics!

The PS5 Pro is one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming right now. While Sony has not acknowledged the existence of this mid-generation upgrade console yet, there have been plenty of leaks and rumors about it.

In fact, all signs point towards a late 2024 release date for the PS5 Pro!

Until we wait for an official announcement from Sony, PlayStation fans are desperate to find out more about this upcoming console. And the latest rumors suggest that it could use AI technology to upscale graphics!

AI Upsacling Could Be a PS5 Pro Feature

As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, AMD, the company that makes the PS5 GPUs, has confirmed that it will be implementing AI upscaling technology into its hardware from this year onwards.

And as AMD is almost certainly the company making the GPU for the PS5 Pro, this hints that Sony’s next console could make use of this AI upscaling!

When used in a gaming capacity, AI upscaling can reduce how much work the GPU has to do. This leads to significantly improved graphical fidelity and frame rates.

PS5 Pro Logo

AMD CTO Mark Papermaster recently said in the No Priors Podcast:

“We are enabling our gaming devices to upscale using AI and 2024 is really a huge deployment year.”

With no other major consoles expected to drop this year, this leaves the PS5 Pro as the only real option to benefit from AMD’s new AI upscaling.

Until Sony announces the PS5 Pro and its specs, we don’t know whether Sony’s next console will feature AI upscaling. If the late 2024 release window is accurate, then expect to hear more information about this over the Summer.

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