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PS5 Pre-Orders Are Racing Past PS4 – But Not Everyone Will Get One In Time

Last month Sony boasted that they fully expected the PS5 pre-orders to eclipse that of the PS4. While it was entirely possible, many rolled their eyes at Sony’s over-confidence.

But now this claim is starting to look like reality. However, sadly, not everyone will be able to get their hands on a PS5 come launch day due to a shortage of stock.

Sony faced accusations of arrogance earlier this month; when SIE boss Jim Ryan expressed his confidence about PS5 sales. In an interview with Korean website Naver, Ryan said:

"We think the PS5 will sell more in its first fiscal year than [the PS4] sold in the first fiscal year at the time of PS4 launch. It is difficult to talk about the overall game market or other game consoles. But I think the value is obvious in the case of the PS5.”

But now the boast is starting to look more like an accurate prediction. The PS5 is now already set to eclipse the PS4’s pre-order sales.

Sony has confirmed that the first 12 hours of PS5 pre-order amounts to the same amount of pre-orders the PS4 received in 12 weeks. However, Sony is yet to show us the numbers.

Although we trust that they are accurate. They'll be under scrutiny and fact-checked soon enough.

PS5 Pre-Order Problems Still Persist

If Sony is indeed correct, then sales at such an enthusiastic rate would indeed race past the PS4 in a short space of time. But Sony is still struggling to meet the demand with its limited supply.

This is mostly due to the effect COVID-19 has had on production. Something Microsoft has also suffered from ahead of its launch of the Xbox Series X.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Ryan has confirmed that some fans will be disappointed come launch. Sony simply doesn’t have the supply to meet the overwhelming demand.

Saying, “The demand as expressed by the level of pre-orders has been very, very considerable.” And “It may well be that not everybody who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day will be able to find one.”

He did clarify that Sony is “working as hard as it can” to rectify this situation. But the global pandemic has caused Sony’s original plans for the PS5 launch to change.

In truth, the high demand for PS5s has likely contributed to the lack of supply. In normal circumstances, this may have been something Sony could have resolved, but as we know 2020 has been a unique year to say the least.

The good news is Sony's (and Microsoft's) console shortage won't last forever. It may mean some fans need to wait a few extra weeks or months, but in time both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be readily available to anyone who wants one.

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