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PS5 Orders Delayed with Shipping Delay Notification Emails – PS Direct, Walmart & Gamestop

PS5 restocks have been plentiful lately, but it seems some of these orders are being affected by shipping delays.

Lately, PS5 availability seems to be ramping up. For instance, in-store restocks like the one from GameStop are now a reality.

As well, online PS5 restocks are happening more often and with more available stock.

Overall things seem to be getting better in regards to availability.

Although, it seems delivering these PS5 units will be a bit more complicated than expected for some retailers.

PS5 orders delayed
Source: Sony

PS5 Orders Are Being Delayed via Notification Emails

Users online have voiced their disappointment on Twitter as they receive shipping delay notifications via email for their PS5 orders.

Recently, PS Direct had an online PS5 restock and many lucky customers were able to purchase a PS5.

Sadly, that celebration turned bitter to some. Some users received an email stating their order will ship later than expected.

Additionally, this seems to be affecting other retailers. Some users state they experienced delays from Walmart and GameStop.

Namely, GameStop had a massive online restock a few days ago. Apart from this, GameStop is having an in-store PS5 restock event.

It is still unknown how long these orders will have to wait to be fulfilled. But, some Twitter users claimed their orders have been for weeks.

Even With Delays, the PS5 Restocks Are Coming

Sony has certainly been in the works, both with stock and content.

Today, Sony announced that Bluepoint Games is now part of the PlayStation Studios family.

As well, there is an indication that PS Plus might be getting PS5 games soon.

All that exciting content is coming, but many gamers are still waiting to get a console.

Even with PS5 orders being delayed, it looks like the wait might be a shorter one now.

Target is expected to have an online PS5 restock. As well, retailers like Antonline and Best Buy are rumored to have one too.

Also, make sure to check out our PS5 Stock Trackers for super speedy updates when new consoles go live:

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