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PS5 Orders Canceled By PS Direct, Walmart & Others

Don’t get too excited until your PS5 is in your hands, retailers like PS Direct and Walmart have canceled loads of PS5 orders!

Gamers have it hard enough tracking down a PS5 console in the first place. After all, the console has been out of stock ever since it launched last year.

While this problem might almost be over as the PS5 stock shortage could end soon, customers now have another hurdle to jump when trying to buy a PS5.

This new problem is even worse than not being able to get a console in the first place. Retailers are now canceling PS5 orders for seemingly no reason!

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Why Do Retailers Cancel PS5 Orders?

PS Direct PS5 Order Cancellations

PlayStation Direct has been one of the most reliable places to get a PS5 in recent weeks. The retailer even had a PS5 restock as recently as yesterday.

Plus, gamers can also get a PlayStation Direct priority queue invite to buy a PS5. This almost ensures you of securing your next-gen console.

However, a new post on Reddit claims that PlayStation Direct has canceled PS5 orders without a reason. The poster later contacted PS Direct and found that it was because the transaction didn’t process.

PS Direct apparently gave no option of ordering the console again, leaving an unhappy customer without a PS5.

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PlayStation Direct PS5

Additionally, commenter NoxicRush claims that their PS5 order was also canceled by PS Direct and has yet to find a reason why. The console was apparently “recalled by seller” for no reason and that PS Direct “refused to make a replacement order”.

Customers are also having problems with PS5 order cancellations at another major retailer too.

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Walmart PS5 Shipping Delays Automatically Cancel Orders

Customers purchasing a PS5 from Walmart have also had major problems with cancellations. This is to do with the huge delays of PS5 orders from Walmart recently.

Many customers have had their PS5 orders from Walmart canceled because of the retailer’s delay policy. If the product isn’t shipped within 30 days then it is automatically canceled.

This, combined with the shipping delays, has left many gamers empty-handed. What’s more, Walmart customers who used PayPal or a gift card to buy a PS5 may not get a refund either.

If you’re looking to buy a PS5 or have already ordered one, make sure to check your order, you wouldn’t want it to be canceled. This could happen when buying a console from any retailer!

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Meanwhile, PS5 players have plenty to look forward to. A leak has revealed all of the free PS Plus games for October, while a new patent suggests that PS Now could finally be getting PS5 games.

Finally, if you’re one of the lucky few to own a next-gen console, you can enjoy some great TV too. Find out how to get free Apple TV+ with PS5.

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Harry Lounder

Thursday 30th of September 2021

How is anyone supposed to make the jump to the next gen if they can't even get one? And I want to pay retail price, now way no how will I ever spend $1000 or more for a console! Better continue to drop new ps4 games for a while because that's what most people are still playing on.

Jeremy Hilton

Thursday 30th of September 2021

PS5 doesn't really have much exclusive yet anyway. Most games are available on PS4 also. Even God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Zero Dawn are PS4 games. Series X is much better this generation. So many quality of life features.


Thursday 30th of September 2021

Well on the bright side, we will be able to get a PS5 when the PS6 launches. Yay?

Big Gula45

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

That's just being selfish making people pay more at a time like would think playstation network would be good to there customer.everything have double or more now and that just not right


Wednesday 29th of September 2021

If it's not Walmart it self why order it in it says 3rd party