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PS5 Modders Add Water Blocks and LED Lights to Console

We’re fans of awesome-looking PS5 mods. But this PS5 with added water blocks and LED lights may be the coolest yet.

Can you improve upon perfection? Apparently so. Okay, well the PS5 isn’t perfect, but it’s been a pretty solid upgrade over the already excellent PS4.

The PS5 is a slick-looking piece of kit on its own without any form of modification. At least once the images of similar-looking dehumidifiers have been scrubbed from your mind. – Thanks for that internet.

But the best mods are atheistically pleasing and practical at the same time. In the past, we’ve reported on some incredible looking modded PS5s.

Be they gold plated, diamond-encrusted, or simply black instead of the default white PS5 units. We’ve also seen PS5s mocked up to look like PS2 consoles in a tribute to its legendary older sibling.

Yet we must confess, none of these admittedly awesome designs offer much value in terms of practicality. That is until now.

custom PS5

‘Coolest’ PS5 Mod Ever?

This PS5 which has been modded with water blocks and flashing LED lights might be the coolest yet. And we’re making that pun on purpose.

Like many PC towers, the water blocks help the console not to overheat, which is useful for extended gaming sessions. The LED lights also help communicate certain things to the player, depending on how they’re programmed to respond.

The custom PS5 was crafted by a Vietnamese team known as Modding Café. The group has been kind enough to share a video series on YouTube showing how they created the ultra-cool PS5 design.

Of course, we understand that getting a regular PS5 is still a challenge for many gamers.

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