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PS5 Leaker Confirms Storage, UI, GTA Loading Time and More

A PS5 leaker has uploaded a lot of interesting things in the past 24 hours. Now he seems to have information about how quickly GTA 5 loads on PS5 and more.

The PS5 leaker is known as Lalo or @ABCYoungBoy on Twitter, this leaker has posted a variety of videos and images regarding the PS5, showing off various features including the UI.

Stores can’t sell the console until release, but Sony has supplied many of them with their stock, this way the'll be ready when the time comes. This will save disappointment on launch day.

Speaking of disappointment, some of it will be unavoidable come launch, as Sony has admitted there won’t be enough stock to please everyone.

While those who were lucky enough to have pre-ordered a console when sales went live should be safe. Those who are hoping to snag one without this safety net have no guarantee of success.

Sony has confirmed that PS5 pre-order figures have already surpassed PS4. But concerns about stock even have those who did pre-order worried they may be disappointed when the console launches.

The same is true about the Xbox Series X too. Microsoft has also experienced record-breaking pre-order numbers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the production process.

The fear now is that the pandemic will result in problems during distribution too. Social distancing measures prevent large groups from gathering, which means queues and midnight sales will be problematic.

What Has The PS5 Leaker Said?

Stock and COVID worries aside; it’s exciting to see warehouses stockpile boxes of PS5s. Such as these digital consoles below, courtesy of PS5 leaker @ABCYoungBoy:

He also has his own PS5:

PS5 leaker @ABCYoungBoy has also claimed that GTA 5 loads in a matter of seconds on PS5. Check out the video below:

He posted this to Reddit but soon removed the threat after the site advised him is was "prohibited content". However it continues to exist on Twitter.

He was quick to point out that this was the PS4 version of GTA 5. It was just running on a PS5 console.

No doubt online teases like this will continue to fan the flames and encourage even more hype around the PS5 console.

The PS5 is due for release on the 12th and 19th of November – which is mind-bendingly near! Sony is getting ready to pull the ‘advanced trigger’ on the next generation. There’s no going back now; the PS5 is coming.

The PS5 DualSense controller alone is making waves, particularly the adaptive triggers. Check out what else they can do here in our full breakdown of the new controller.