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PS5 is Unbelievably Quiet While Playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales

According to new video footage, the PS5 is unbelievably quiet, even when running intensive games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The PlayStation 4 is an incredible console, capable of much more than we’d ever have thought back in 2013. However, running the more intensive games does take a toll on the hardware.

The PS4 fans are often likened to a jet-engine with how much noise they tend to make. Although it’s easy enough to cover up fan noise with speakers, it’s a constant sound in the background, especially on the day one models.

The PS5 fan is unbelievably quiet
(Source: Sony)

Now though, the PS5 is about to make a real change in homes all over the globe. Because new reports indicate that the PS5 is unbelievably quiet, even when deep in Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay.

The PS5 Is Unbelievably Quiet

According to a new video making the rounds online, even the new Spider-Man isn’t enough to bother the PS5. Unlike its predecessor, the console is comfortable enough to play without making a fuss.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales
(Source: Insomniac Games)

Of course, there is a fan in the PlayStation 5, and it’s a large one. But new technology allows for the cooling system to perform at a much quieter volume.

And because of this, LazerEnzo on Reddit able to show off an almost noiseless setup. Playing through the Spider-Man: Miles Morales campaign, the user records their new PlayStation.

Even up close, the PS5 is unbelievably quiet in gameplay. Of course, it’s not the most intensive section of Miles Morales, but it’s still a far more powerful game than many PS4 titles.

What’s more, it’s running at a higher resolution and frame rate than most PS4 titles were capable of. By all accounts, we’d expect the next-gen console to at least make a small amount of noise.

Can This Level of Quietness Continue?

Should this quietness level continue across other titles, this could be a real game-changer for PlayStation fans. Of course, it’s also worth pointing out that this is a brand-new PS5.

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Over the years, as games get more intense and the hardware begins to age, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear our PS5 get louder. Sony have even alluded to this possibility in the past.

PlayStation 5
(Source: Sony)

According to PlayStation’s Yasuhiro Otori, the PS5 fan will be adjusted in future updates. This could be to increase its capability, but equally, it could actually slow down when necessary.

This means that the PlayStation 5 could actually get even quieter with time. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Another next-gen game-changer that has players excited for the console are the PS5 DualSense’s adaptive triggers. There’s no surprise that reviewers are indicating that the DualSense is more next-gen than the PS5.

Although we’d say that the new fan volume is certainly a point to the console.

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