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PS5 Instagram Filter Makes It Look Like You Already Have the Console

PlayStation fans all over the internet are receiving their next-gen consoles early. Or so they’re making it look like, thanks to a new PS5 Instagram filter that makes it look like you already have the next-gen hardware.

There’s a new filter going round that’s getting some attention, thanks to over-eager PlayStation fans. Despite the next-gen console releasing in a little over a week, many on social media appear to have the PS5 already.

That’s because a popular new Instagram filter is making the rounds online, and it’s quite realistic. The filter allows users to make it appear as though they have a PS5 in their own homes.

PS5 Instagram Filter
(Source: Instagram)

It’s not flawless, but it’s certainly leading to some pretty decent looking photos. And now we need to be even warier when users claim to have their PS5 early.

PS5 Filter Will Give You a Next-Gen Console

Using the filter is as easy as framing your camera correctly and moving a box about. And it still leads to some impressive looking images.

In fact, it’s not hard to see why the Instagram filter is managing to fool some users.

Early PS5 Filter

However, it’s possible to tell that the box is fake when looking at it from above. As you can see here, the filter experiences some slight tearing issues when viewed from certain angles.

But that’s nothing that a slightly poor quality picture or a second filter won’t fix. Just take care to ensure that your box is a realistic size, or it’ll be a dead giveaway that you’re a fraud.

PS5 Small Filter
(Source: Instagram)

How to Use the PS5 Instagram Filter for Yourself

If you want to fool your friends into thinking your PS5 came early, it’s a simple enough task. Thanks to the new filter, a PlayStation 5 box can be added to any flat surface.

First, go to @aroneverything on Instagram. Then, press the middle button, shown below, to access the account’s viral custom filter.

PS5 Box Filter
(Source: Instagram)

From here, you can use the filter for yourself, by aiming your camera at a flat surface. Once the box appears, you can move it around, and even pinch or stretch the screen to adjust the size.

Try and capture the photo from an angle that looks the most realistic. Then, enjoy fooling others with your fake PS5.

This filter’s popularity just goes to show how desperate fans are to get their hands on the upcoming console. With only 8 days remaining until the PlayStation 5’s launch, there’s not long left to wait.

For impatient gamers, that’s practically a lifetime from now. But with new PlayStation 5 warehouse footage leaking, we can guarantee that it’s not going to be long before we have the device in our house for real.

And if you’re one of the unlucky fans who are yet to get their PS5 pre-order, you’re not out of luck just yet. Here’s where to find PS5 consoles available in-store on launch day.

We wonder if there’s a similar filter for Xbox anywhere out there. Today, one Xbox fan got the Series S early and now we’re learning to be more suspicious.