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PS5 Game Download Sizes Compared To Rumored Available Storage

According to recent reports, the PS5 will have 625GB in total storage space. Taking this into account, we’ve gathered various PS5 game download sizes of a selection of PS5 launch titles to see how they measure up.

Each percentage represents how much of a PS5’s 625GB hard drive (SSD) will be used by each title. As you can see, installing multiple games soon fills the available space.

PlayStation 5 game file sizes infographic based on 625GB
Based on 625GB Storage

We have also created an infographic based on rumored 664GB available storage.

Some players will hope that buying the game on disk will be a way to save some space. This may sway some gamers to buy the full version of the PS5 and not the digital-only version.

However, this will likely make little difference, as the game will still need to install on the hard drive even if it’s played from the disk.

Although this strategy worked well with many games on the PS4, allowing some players to at least save some room.

The PS5 game download sizes were always going to be large. The games themselves are bigger and more complex than before.

As games get bigger consoles need to adapt, but hard drive space can realistically only go so far. Luckily there are other options.

Expanding PS5 Storage Space

The good news is the PS5 has an expandable memory feature, which will be a saving grace for many players. Nobody likes needing to keep installing and uninstalling games every time the whim to play one appears.

However relying on external hard drives to accommodate expanding PS5 game download sizes could also get expensive. There is often a premium attached to convenience.

It will be ultimately up to each player to decide how they wish to strike this balance. Since the PS5 hard drive size was rumored to be 625GB, many players will already be planning their storage strategy.

While each PS5 game download size is exceptionally large, we also don’t imagine it will stand in the way of pre-orders.

We have also seen a rumor suggesting 664GB of available storage and have recreated our info-graphic based on this:

PlayStation 5 game file sizes infographic based on 664GB
Based on another rumor of 664GB available storage

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