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PS5 Early Reports Indicate Console Is Almost Completely Silent

The PS5 is almost completely silent, even when playing games, suggests a new report from Japanese game site Dengeki Online.

Those who have owned a PlayStation, know that the consoles are often far from quiet. The PlayStation 4 fans, in particular, often draw comparison to a jet engine taking off.

But it seems that the PS5 is heading in a rather different direction. According to Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online, the console will be quiet throughout a gaming session.

PlayStation 5
(Source: Sony)

As Japan gets the world’s first hands-on with the upcoming console, Dengeki Online’s report is largely positive. The reviewer for the site recently had the chance to play the PS5 for around an hour and 45 minutes.

All throughout the session, the reviewer wasn’t bothered by the sound of the fans, and even had to confirm that they were indeed running. What’s more, after touching the body of the console, the reviewer claims that they didn’t feel much heat.

Is the PS5 Different Enough From a PS4?

During play, the PS5 was running both pre-installed title Astro’s Playroom and action-slasher, Godfall. The reviewer writes that they enjoyed their time with both games, but does criticize the titles in one noticeable way.

Godfall PS5
(Source: Gearbox Publishing)

This may be the biggest leap in power that a console generation has ever made, yet the PS5 games don’t yet feel truly next-gen.

Although the reviewer writes that the games had a “strong impact” on them, they also claim that the titles don’t look all that different from existing experiences.

“There probably aren’t many people who can tell if a PS4 or PS5 game is a PS4 game or a PS5 game by the way it looks!”

This does seem to confirm our theory that cross-gen games hold back the titles from true greatness. Until PS5 games aren’t being held back for PS4 players, the titles won’t be able to fully utilize the new console’s power.

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PS5 Loading Times Will Be Worth the Wait

The reviewer didn’t find the experience disappointing, however. Although the appearance of the games resembles that of the PS4, the power of the PS5 is clear.

(Source: Sony)

“At first glance, it doesn’t look that different from the PS4, does it? But after playing the game, we found that there is a big difference between the benefits of PS4 and PS5.”

“There are some tactile sensations such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but most importantly it’s all about loading speed. You don’t have to wait around unnecessarily while playing.”

Dengeki Online points out that restarting after deaths, switching maps, and fast-traveling are now much smoother. Every inch of beautiful game worlds can now be explored freely, with players instantly appearing anywhere in seconds.

What’s more, we already know that the PS5 cold boot time is incredibly-fast. Gaming may be about to get faster than ever, but the PS5 game download sizes are sure to slow things down a touch.

The reviewer concludes the write-up of their experience, on a positive note. Playing games on the PS5 made them realize that the hardware’s release is truly just around the corner, and they’re as eager as we are to get a console of their own.

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