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The PS5’s DualSense is Already Suffering From Stick Drift

Early next-gen woes continue to plague the PS5, as it now looks like some DualSense controllers are suffering from stick drift.

It looks like some PS5 users are starting to run into more issues, this time with the fancy new DualSense controller. There have been multiple Reddit threads over the past few days detailing stick drift issues on the DualSense controller.

This is an issue that Nintendo Switch adopters were all too familiar with. Known as 'Joy-Con drift,' this issue lead to a class-action lawsuit back in 2019.

DualSense Controller Stick Drift
(Source: Sony)

What is Stick Drift?

Stick drift is when the analog stick on your controller begin to provide inputs to the game when it's not supposed to. For example, say you're playing an FPS game, and your crosshair starts to aim at things you're not telling it to.

Or you're playing an action game, and all of a sudden, your character runs himself off a cliff without warning. These could both be signs that your controller is starting to suffer from stick drift.

This is usually an issue that starts to rear its ugly head after years of prolonged use. Dust buildup and normal wear and tear have a tendency to be the cause.

However, having this happen so early on in a controller's lifespan isn't normal. It's also not normal that the DualSense analog sticks are wearing down already.

These two issues in tandem suggest that Sony's incredible next-gen controller needed a little more work before launch.

Teardowns of the controller have been made, and found that the DualSense uses very similar analog sticks to the DualShock 4. This makes sense since some DualShock 4 users also had the same issue.

What's Causing the DualSense Stick Drift Problem?

The fact that this is happening so early on is leaving some to speculate that it could be a software issue. A Reddit user by the name of MrSargonius showed strange character movement in Demon's Souls.

MrSargonius went on the explain that the issue only happens in performance mode and also happens in Bloodborne as well.

Another Reddit user by the name of Samdlittle said that the issue comes and goes while playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Black Ops Cold War.

So while a replacement might be necessary in some instances, hopefully some sort of software update might fix the issue for others.

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