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PS5’s DualSense Controller is More Next-Gen Than The Console

According to new reports, the PS5’s DualSense controller may well be more ‘next-gen’ than the actual console.

One of the most exciting parts of getting your hands on a new console is finally holding the controller. Feeling out how the next generation of gaming is going to be, all through holding that hardware in your hand is a magical experience.

And PlayStation’s new DualSense controller looks to be one of the best devices yet. The device is set to drop in just another few days, but some creators already have their hands on the kit.

DualSense Controller
(Source: Sony)

According to early reports, the DualSense’s new features actually feel more next-gen than the console itself. Of course, with the PS5 boasting lightning-fast loading times, 4K resolution, and a huge boost to FPS, that’s quite the statement to make.

The DualSense Controller – More Next-Gen Than the PS5?

It seems that Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier believes it, however. The games journalist reports that his hands-on time with the PS5 has led to a new take on the next-gen hardware.

According to a series of tweets by Schreier, the PS5 controller’s combination of rumble, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers gives off a serious next-gen feel. In fact, it appears more futuristic than any graphical improvements we’ve seen yet!

The journalist discovered a love for the DualSense when playing the pre-installed title: Astro’s Playroom. This makes sense, considering that the game is designed to show off the DualSense controller’s new features.

However, the real test of the DualSense will come with future releases. Whether or not developers will continue to take advantage of the unique PS5 hardware will determine whether or not the controller remains essential to the PS5 experience.

After all, the Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble saw similar praise around the device’s launch window. After release, however, very few developers took advantage of the incredible feature.

What PS5 Games Will Take Advantage of the DualSense?

Obviously Astro’s Playroom is a big advocate of the DualSense’s hardware. A game built to show off the controller’s new tech, the pre-installed title is the Wii Sports of the PS5.

According to Insomniac Games, Spider-Man: Miles Morales will show off the DualSense in a major way. Haptic feedback will help indicate which way danger is coming from, like an in-built Spider-Sense.

In addition, players will feel Spider-Man’s new venom punch “crackle across from the left side of the controller, culminating in the right side on impact.”

Spider-Man Venom Punch
(Source: Insomniac Games)

Deathloop, the recently-delayed action title by Arkane, will block the player’s triggers upon weapons jamming. This will really help gamers feel like their gun is jammed and prompts them to fix the issue before the animation even plays out.

Demon’s Souls combat feels grittier than ever, thanks to haptic feedback in the DualSense. Players will be able to react more quickly after extra sensory feedback reveals that your attacks are hitting their mark.

Finally, we also hear that Gran Turismo 7 is set to benefit from the next-gen controller. The gas and brake pedals will feel more precise than ever when playing on the DualSense.

DualSense Controller Unboxing

Now that the PS5 embargo is lifting, we’re finally getting a look at the new hardware in action. This includes the DualSense controller, which is appearing in a range of new unboxing videos.

The DualSense is actually available to purchase this Friday, and the PS5 accessory is already arriving in stores. We’re still surprised that PlayStation 5 accessories are releasing before the console, but it makes sense for Sony to lighten the load.

Now, the company can focus more on getting their consoles ready for release. Next up, Sony needs to ensure they can put out enough consoles to meet the huge demand.

For those who want to see what the PS5 looks like in a home setting, the time is finally here. New images of the PlayStation 5 have released, and the device looks truly incredible.

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