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REPORT: PS5 DualSense Analog Sticks Wearing For Some Users

According to new reports, the rubber on the DualSense's analog sticks seems to be already wearing out for some users.

History seems to be repeating itself for Sony's PS5 DualSense controller. You may remember that the DualShock 4 had issues with the rubber on the analog sticks peeling off early in the last generation.

Sony eventually put out a revised version of the DualShock 4 that featured a different material on the sticks. They also covered the peeling issue under their warranty.

PS5 DualSense Controller
(Source: Sony)

Now the issue seems to be happening again with the the DualSense. Despite the PS5's controller being more next-gen than the console, it seems that the age-old stick issue is still prevalent.

PS5's DualSense Controller Wearing Down Already

Despite the DualSense only releasing at the end of October (and most users only getting them in mid-November), one player's analog stick is already wearing down. A Reddit user by the name of Ninjake68 posted a video showing a crack in the rubber on the DualSense's left analog stick.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the left stick is the one being affected. After all, many games map sprinting to that stick, leading many users to naturally put more wear on it.

But what is shocking is seeing the analog stick degrade so quickly. Despite the DualSense's incredible haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the controller may have a fatal flaw in its design.

This isn't even the only analog stick issue, as some fans are reporting that their DualSense is experiencing stick drift.

What Might Be Causing This?

Ninjake68 mentioned that they played some intense games such as Rocket League and also has hands that are "generally moist."

This lead some to speculate that the combination of moisture and intense use could accelerate wear on the rubber. But it appears to be too early for things to be definitive.

DualSense Controller Promo

It seems like the issue is pretty isolated for now. Most of the thread consists of people trying to figure out if the issue is a fault of Sony or the user.

We're certain that the Reddit user isn't alone in their issue, however, and more users may report problems with the controller in time. At this point, Sony has yet to comment on the issue.

How Can You Prevent This?

In order to lessen the chance of this happening to you, you could purchase some analog stick covers. These not only give the stick an added layer of protection but also give users some added grip.

It also never hurts to have multiple controllers so you avoid putting too much wear on a single one. However, given the cost of next-gen technology, this isn't practical for many gamers.

PS5 Controller Analog Stick Covers
(Source: iMP Tech)

This is far from the only issue people have been having with the PS5 since launch. Here's how to fix the noisy disc drive issue if you've been having that problem.

If you've run into a problem where you're PS5 isn't responding after a power outage, we've got you covered.

Despite all the issues, it's been a successful launch for Sony's next-gen machine. The sales numbers prove just how dominant the PS5 has been so far.


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