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A PS5 Day One Patch Is Coming – How Big Is It Going to Be?

The PS5 is now only a matter of hours from release and naturally, it will be coming with a day one patch. This is to be expected; modern consoles usually do come with a launch patch. The question is, how big is it going to be?

And by asking ‘How big is it going to be?’, what we really mean is ‘How long is it going to take?’. The good news however, is not that long.

The day one patch is 868mb. This is still pretty chunky as far as patches go, but those who were about to worry about a 6gb update at launch can breathe a sigh of relief.

This also means the PS5 day one patch shouldn’t take that long to download and install. Of course, the time it takes will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

But even for the slowest of connections, 868mb won’t take many hours to download.

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What Does the PS5 Day One Patch Include?

At this stage we’re unsure. Sony hasn’t yet revealed what the day one patch will entail. This probably means it doesn’t involve anything that exciting.

Instead the PS5 day one patch is likely to be general housekeeping, fixing minor bugs and technicalities that need a swift clean-up before the console is ready to go.

This too is good news, as it means Sony hasn’t missed anything glaringly obvious before launch.

There have been reports of Xbox Series X/S having a few launch issues, so it’s good to know that the PS5 is generally boxed ready. A patch over a few gigabytes would have raised a few eyebrows from the tech community's savvier members.

Limited PS5 stock is also going to be available tonight. You can find which retailers will have consoles available for purchase through the link.

Although we expect to know everything the patch includes in a few hours when the PS5 launches! If it’s noteworthy, we’ll let you know what brings to the table.

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