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PS5 Data Transfer: How to Transfer Data From Your PS4 Console

With a handy new video guiding the way, it’s easier than you’d think to transfer data from a PS4 to PS5.

One of the great things about buying a PS5 as a PS4 gamer is that you’re not starting fresh on the new console. In fact, everything from your games to your save data can make the jump with you.

And thankfully, Sony is making the transfer process easier than ever, meaning that your first moments with the console are uninterrupted. Gamers won’t be waiting for hours before getting to hop into the action on release day.

PS4 and PS5 Comparison
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Thanks to the PS5’s backward compatibility, PS4 fans can rest easy knowing that they’re leaving nothing behind on the older console. The new PlayStation is a full replacement of the older technology.

Due to the ease of the PS5 data transfer process, we imagine there will be a lot of gamers heading to sell their PS4 shortly after the new console’s launch.

How to Transfer Data From the PS4 to the PS5

There are several ways to get your PS4 games and applications over to your PS5. Each one has its advantages, and all of them are simple enough to accomplish.

Data Transfer

PS5 Data Transfer

The most basic way to transfer all previous applications and more is with the PS5’s Data Transfer feature. All the user has to do to prepare is ensure their console is running the latest software update and is signed in to the same account as their PS5.

The two consoles also have to connect to the same internet source to make the transfer. It helps if you connect the two devices to each other using an ethernet cable, but the process still works over Wi-Fi.

You can begin this process right after setting up your PS5 but don’t worry about doing so. The data transfer will simply get to work in the background, allowing you to freely enjoy the PS5.

Your games’ save data can also come along for the ride with Data Transfer. Gamers will be free to pick up right where they left off on the PS4.

Disc Transfer

Disc Transfer

Provided that your PS5 is not a Digital Edition, you can also transfer using your physical game discs. Inserting the PS4 game disc into the PS5 console is enough to transfer the application data.

This is an easy transfer method, but doing each game individually seems a pain compared to the previous method.

Extended Storage

Extended Storage PS5 Transfer

If you’re one of the many PS4 gamers who had to invest in an extended storage device due to hard drive restrictions, you’re in luck. Transferring games from an external hard drive is the easiest method yet.

Plug your storage unit into the PS5 console, and you can play the stored games with no fuss. In fact, Sony recommends that you use this storage for PS4 games where possible.

This is because the PS5 storage is very limited, and you’d be better off saving that space for actual next-gen games. The PlayStation 5’s lightning-fast SSD will work better with PS5 games which require it, after all.

PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store Transfer

If you purchase games from the PlayStation Store, it’s easy to get them onto your PS5. Even if you don’t have them on your PS4 at present, the games are still tied to your account.

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So long as you’re using that same account on the PS5, the games will be available for you once again. Download the titles from either your Game Library or the PlayStation Store, and you’re done.

Save Data Transfer

PS5 Save Data Transfer

Although save data will make the jump with a standard Data Transfer, those who opt for other methods are still able to find their old files.

The save data can be uploaded to the PlayStation network, should the account user be a PS Plus member. This data can then be downloaded on the PS5.

A USB transfer of save data is also possible, but only to those using the same account on both consoles. Presumably, this would be most players, so it shouldn’t pose an issue.

Now, you’ve got everything you need to know about the PS5 console’s launch. Gamers will be ready to hop into the next-gen experience with ease.

With just a handful of days left until the PS5 releases worldwide, the hype is at an all-time high. What’s more, some lucky fans are getting their hands on the hardware early, leading to new PlayStation 5 leaks surfacing online.

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