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PS5 Consoles Have Arrived Same-Day From This Retailer

Trying to get a hold of a PS5 has been no easy task as of late. However, this morning some shoppers have reported their PS5 has arrived same-day.

Not only is stock extremely limited at most retailers, but a scalping situation is also causing huge problems across the world.

The next-gen console situation has very quickly gotten out of hand. It seems as though shoppers only have bad news to report with getting hold of a new next-gen console.

However, some shoppers this morning reported good news in that their PS5 was delivered the same-day of purchase.

PS5 Same Day Delivery

PS5 stock is hard to come by at the moment. Many Playstation fans are unable to get their hands on one despite their best efforts.

Some shoppers are resorting to checking different retailers’ websites daily on the off-chance new stock has been added.

It’s certainly hard to keep track of which retailers are currently restocking PS5’s too. However, some retailers have taken to restocking in the early hours of the morning.

Whilst certainly not the most opportune time, some shoppers managed to purchase a PS5 late last night, and this morning they awoke to news their PS5 has been delivered same-day.

One of the retailers shoppers have bought from that report same-day delivery on PS5 consoles is Argos.

Same-Day Delivery Argos
Source: Argos

It could be that the situation is beginning to sort itself out, however. Increasing PS5 and Xbox Series X sales have suggested consumers are actually managing to beat scalpers.

PS5 Stock UK

The stock situation for PS5’s is still in dire straights, and scalping still remains a consistent problem.

Interestingly, it seems that Argos might be the place to keep your eye on for new PS5 stock. Especially if you want same-day delivery of your PS5.

However, one Argos PS5 leaker has provided an update on the scalper risk after it has been reported stores are holding back stock to prevent scalping attempts.

Argos put new stock of the console live last night and shoppers have taken to Twitter to exclaim their surprise.

Argos Same-Day Delivery
Argos Same-Day Delivery

If you want to be notified of when new PS5 stock goes live, you can check out our handy PS5 Stock Tracker UK. This will keep you updated when new stock becomes available.

Furthermore, Amazon has been experiencing issues with PS5 stock after some users reported basket errors.

Inevitably gamers everywhere are itching to get a hold of a PS5 as quickly as they can. Furthermore, UK PS5 stock is expected today from these retailers, so make sure you keep an eye on them.

If you want same-day delivery of your PS5, it might be worth keeping an eye on Argos You can also check out people’s reactions to their same-day delivery on Twitter here.

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