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PS5 Consoles Arriving in Damaged Boxes and Poor Packaging

More and more reports of PS5 consoles damaged during transit are appearing online. Or some PS5 consoles that are arriving in damaged boxes without enough protective packaging.

Imagine you’ve saved up all year for a next-gen console like the PS5. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but for some, a new PS5 console would have offered some much-needed escapism and fun.

Picture the scene: It’s launch day, you’re waiting by the door for delivery of your PS5 console. You open the door to sign for your package, only for your excitement to turn to horror when you see the state of your box.

A growing number of frustrated customers are making their feelings known on Twitter:

Retailers Currys and Amazon have both come under fire for delivering damaged boxes or PS5s shipped in inadequate packaging.

Lots of the people reporting damaged boxes poor packaging still found a fully functioning PS5 within. But not everyone was so lucky.

What Are PS5 Retailers Doing About The Damaged Boxes

Curries have acknowledged the complaints and have offered a form for disgruntled customers to fill out. But this will be of little comfort to those who are out of pocket with a broken PS5.

Especially when stock is notoriously low and unlikely to be replenished for some time. Even if the retailer offers a full refund, this will still be a crushing disappointment to someone who’s worked hard to afford a next-gen console.

They may now find themselves in the same boat as everyone else who could not secure one at launch. Simply because their retailer didn’t take enough care during delivery or when packaging the product for delivery.

A member of our own Gaming Intel team also received a console that was packaged poorly. We’ve reached out to Currys for comment, asking them to explain the situation to our readers.

Those looking for a PS5s are struggling to find available stock, with Sony CEO Jim Ryan saying “Absolutely Everything is Sold." Here's when PS5 stock may be available again.


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